Document Output Center from SEAL Systems vs.Teamcenter Dispatcher

Our Document Output Center offers a lot of advantages!

Document Output Center from SEAL Systems vs.Teamcenter Dispatcher
We often are asked about the advantages or our Document Output Center for Teamcenter against Siemens PLM Teamcenter „Dispatcher“. gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Teamcenter Dispatcher

As a complete output management suite our Document Output Center offers a series of attractive advantages compared with the output and conversion of documents with Teamcenter Dispatcher, for example these:

  • Processing of complete Teamcenter structures
  • Processing of many data sets at one time instead of single data sets for each actions
  • Control of output management operations with Teamcenter context menues
  • Template-based work with flexible settings possibilities for Job specification
  • Flexible extraction of meta data – no connection to Teamcenter properties and Teamcenter mapping mechanisms
  • Manual execution or execution as work flow possible
  • Configurable targets for the job results

Our Document Output Center is a software product, and no framework or application interface

e.g. dynamic stamps, header and footers, watermarks

  • Pre-configured interfaces for further SEAL Systems solutions for conversion, distribution and print
  • Configuralbe stamps and banner pages
  • Update of document properties and title block
  • Digital manual and documentation generation: Creation of structured table of contents with links from distributed single documents including layout and stamping of meta data
  • Distribution methods like FTP transfer, web storage, automatic DVD creation, email distribution
  • Support of many file formats with special conversion servers (CAD, graphics, Office, native formats, see also SEAL Systems conversion formats)
  • Easy adaptation to customer-specific requirements

e.g. with our Corporate Output Management Suite PLOSSYS®netdome

  • Job supervision with web-based tracking system
  • Status checks with mechanisms for restart in case of erros directly in Teamcenter

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