Authenticate First, Then Print

Secure & Pickup Printing / Pull Printing

What is Secure & PickUp Printing?

Secure & PickUp Printing (also known as Pull Printing or Follow Me Printing) is an output method by which printouts are not directly output to the selected printer as part of the printing process. Instead, they are held back until the users identify themselves at the printer and authorize the output.

Who Needs Secure & PickUp Printing?

All companies that want to replace their workstation printers with central multifunction printers (also called MFP) should think about using a pull printing solution. This reduces printing costs and minimizes administrative overhead. It also enables you to meet compliance guidelines and map your printing processes more efficiently.

How Does Secure & PickUp Printing Work?

Users print from any application to the pickup queue on the PLOSSYS® Output Engine server. When they want to pick up the printout later, they go to any printer, identify themselves at the printer and get a list of pending jobs. After selecting the jobs that should be printed now, PLOSSYS® Output Engine Server sends them directly to the printer for output. The identification at the printer can be done either via the company ID card and a card reader at the printer. Or via a cell phone, by scanning an RFID tag or a barcode at the printer.

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The Functions in Detail

How Does the Secure & PickUp Option Work with a Card Reader?

The version with the card reader additionally requires a client at the printer and another management server. Here SEAL Systems offers the solution package GeniusMFP from our technology partner Genius Bytes. This is vendor-neutral and supports almost all multifunction printers from Canon, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Samsung and Xerox. Job identification and all other functions are performed via the “embedded client” on the printer. The PickUp Printing solutions of the printer manufacturers, which function similarly to those described here, are also supported.

What If There Are No Card Readers?

Those who do not want to introduce card readers for each printer to be integrated, who want to integrate any printer into the Secure & PickUp Printing solution and who want a more comfortable user interface with a higher user acceptance, can achieve this with the PLOSSYS DocPrint App from SEAL Systems. This involves using the PLOSSYS DocPrint app to scan a barcode or RFID tag on the printer. The app then displays all jobs that are in the pickup queue for the user. These can then be easily output or deleted. PLOSSYS DocPrint is available for Android, iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone.

Screenshot: App PLOSSYS DocPrint

Why Should You Implement Secure & PickUp Printing with the SEAL Systems Solution PLOSSYS® Output Engine?

All printer manufacturers offer their own Secure & PickUp Printing solutions, and there are also one or two solutions from independent providers. So what is the advantage of a Secure & PickUp Printing solution with the Output Management Engine PLOSSYS® from SEAL Systems?

With our solution you are independent of any manufacturer, especially if you use many different printer models, this is a significant advantage. Due to the separation of hardware and software you are well positioned for the future, because you can easily integrate the printer manufacturers in the next tender. Also, the MFP licenses for the “embedded client” can be transferred to any new printer model, thus increasing your investment security.

Our output management uses a central solution including end-to-end encryption, from the application to the printer. This means that print data is encrypted and transmitted securely. Due to the various client solutions of SEAL Systems, Secure & Pick-Up Printing can be integrated into any application. In addition, your users get the PLOSSYS DocPrint App for approval and mobile printing. Thus, all your company locations (also bandwidth optimized) can be included in the concept – a holistic approach.


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Advantages of Secure & PickUp Printing

Increased Security Thanks to User Authentication at the Printer
Confidential Documents Do Not Circulate (Compliance Conformity)
Significant Reduction in Printing Costs (Only What Is Picked Up Gets Printed)
Promotion of Sustainability
Less Administrative Effort, Due to Reduction of Workstation Printers
Hardware Independence
Flexibility for Your Users: Print Jobs Can Be Started from All Devices, Including Mobile Devices, and Picked Up Flexibly at Any Printer.