Powerful Conversion Engine: Enterprise Conversion Server

Automatic Conversion

What is the Enterprise Conversion Server from SEAL Systems?

In many companies there are business processes for which file conversion is necessary or useful. Thousands of file conversions with different requirements can occur every day.

For example, you may need to convert all your documents to a consistent format before storing them in the archiving system, you may need markings and labels on your documents, or your documents may need to be digitally signed. The conversion procedures are often linked to manual processes, error-prone and expensive.

A uniform and high-performance infrastructure creates significant cost advantages here.

The conversion servers from SEAL Systems focus exactly on these optimization potentials. Furthermore, they offer new possibilities to easily configure and control processes and structures. Thus, you have the possibility to perform transactions that were previously not possible with such process complexity and efficiency.

The Enterprise Conversion Server – your high-performance conversion engine executes all data conversion requirements throughout the corporation automatically.

Advantages of Enterprise Conversion Servers

High Efficiency and Security of the Conversion Infrastructure
High Productivity due to Automatic Processes
Complex Conversion Scenarios Possible
Central Administration and Configuration
Consistent Process Transparency
Fast Troubleshooting

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Our Enterprise Conversion Server generates all relevant file formats for exchange, storage, archiving and printing as well as reproduction. Find out how the Conversion Server can benefit your company in our white paper!

Who Needs Automated Conversion Using the Enterprise Conversion Server?

The Enterprise Conversion Server benefits all companies and institutions where file conversion is a necessary but time-consuming or unstable process.
Especially companies that need to convert hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of documents benefit from the enormous performance and reliability of our conversion servers.
Likewise, it brings great value to all CIOs who want to increase the efficiency and security of the conversion infrastructure and reduce the cost.
For all IT managers, system administrators and helpdesk staff who finally want to waste less time on troubleshooting in the environment of conversion processes, the Enterprise Conversion Server is an interesting prospect.
Last but not least, it also brings added value to all users because it means the conversion they need is always easily available and working!


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