Add and Manage Printers and Drivers Centrally for SAP and Windows

Printer Management

Printer Management Made Easy.

You are responsible for the administration of large print infrastructures and the maintenance and setup of printers is time-consuming and cost-intensive? The distribution of output devices in the individual SAP and Windows environments as well as “dead printers” cost you your last nerve?

With SEAL Systems printer management (easyPRIMA) all drivers used throughout the company are maintained in a central database. New printers can be added to the printer database quickly and easily via a web interface.

Simplify the Management of Your Print Infrastructure.

The distribution into the different system environments is very easy: At the push of a button, the synchronization with all desired system environments consisting of SAP, Windows and other output management systems from SEAL Systems is done. In addition, a synchronization between the printer database and the system environments is executed – permanently and automatically. If printers are deleted in the database, they are no longer available to the user in the system environment. The reverse is true when new printing systems are added. To further simplify the administration of large print infrastructures, they can also be divided into different system and device groups. In practice, the administration effort can be reduced from 4 – 8 hours per device to 5 – 15 minutes.

Flexibly Combinable.

You already use the output management solution of another provider? 
Our printer management can also be integrated into other output solutions thanks to the system-neutral database.

Likewise, our printer management can be combined with your fleet management.

The Advantages of Printer Management

Central Printer Management
Easy Management of Large Print Infrastructures
Automatic Synchronization of Printer Database and System Environment (Users are Only Shown Available Printers)
Significantly Reduced Administration Effort


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