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Whenever you need to intelligently get documents and data to exactly the right place, SEAL Systems is the right partner. In more than 40 years of company history, we have become the experts for Enterprise Output Solutions. It is always our claim to find the best solution for the requirements of our customers.

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To continue on our focused path and to have a common basis for our daily work, we build on our corporate philosophy, which consists of three supporting, interconnected cornerstones: our vision, our mission and our values.

Our Vision

The Vision describes a picture of the future, a major goal that we collectively are aiming for on the basis of the mission.
  • We are proud to help the world’s most important and best companies to realize their own visions, achieve their goals and fulfil their promises through our Enterprise Output Solutions.
  • As the dynamic leader in innovation, we are the strongest brand, the first choice and have the largest market share in the latest developments and projects.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

Our Mission

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The Mission describes the means by which we intend to achieve this major goal.

  • As a reliable partner, we develop and implement high-quality solutions for the distribution of information and documents.
  • In this way, we ensure stable, cost-saving and effective digital processes with which our customers can assure their ability to deliver and increase their sustainability.
  • We regularly acquire new customers with our high-quality, user-centric products and services.
  • We operate with authenticity and a sense of partnership and nurture sustainable relationships with our customers.
  • Out motivated and skilled employees are a major factor for our success.
  • We offer them a secure workplace and individual development opportunities as a result of our sustainable, profitable growth.

Our Values


Our Values

The values represent the cornerstones of our corporate identity and describe how we work together on the road to our vision, communicate and deal with ourselves and our environment.

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Courage & Commitment

With courage and self-confidence, we embrace new ideas and challenge the status quo. We drive innovation, aim high, and are committed to every step we take.

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We are known for quality and competence and develop ourselves continuously. Thanks to our passion and commitment, we are always a strong, reliable and efficient partner for our customers.



It is our responsibility to handle tasks and projects proactively and autonomously. In doing so, we feel responsible for the consistent realization of all of our plans and goals until the very end.

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We focus on the people we work with. We treat our employees, customers and partners with respect and appreciation, as we achieve our goals in a spirit of hand-in-hand cooperation.


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