Distribute Documents and Data Electronically

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution of Documents and Data as Part of Enterprise Output Management

In the modern business world, more and more systems and applications are used to generate documents and data. As the number of systems and applications grows, so do the file formats and possible distribution channels. To take advantage of these many systems, it is important to ensure intelligent communication between the applications. Here the Enterprise Output Management from SEAL Systems can show its capabilities: No matter if they want to send orders from SAP directly to a supplier portal, automatically compiled documents via e-mail or data converted to PDF/A to an archiving system like ArchiveLink. SEAL Systems solutions offer all this and much more.

Distribution of Data and Documents: Versatile and Flexible

In modern companies, data and documents are distributed over many channels and stored in a wide variety of applications. Our output management solution cleverly connects with your existing infrastructure – for example with e-mail, EDI or fax servers. In this way, the documents generated are transmitted automatically and securely to exactly where they are needed. And always in the appropriate file format. Regardless of whether the information is to be sent by e-mail, messenger, to a cloud directory or to a storage server: our output management offers you full flexibility.

Our Output Management Engine (PLOSSYS® Output Engine) has standard protocols for most servers and services, such as Microsoft Exchange or Retarus Fax services.

You would like to connect individual solutions? No problem: Customer-specific systems can also be integrated via corresponding interfaces (APIs, web services). We will be happy to clarify with you how your solution can also be connected. Please contact us!


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Intelligent Distribution Processes

The solutions from SEAL Systems enable much more than bringing documents from a to b. For example, different documents or only passages can be combined process-controlled, enriched with relevant metadata and then converted into the required file formats.

Thanks to the ability to process detailed distribution feedback, our Output Management Engine (PLOSSYS® Output Engine) also ensures full transparency and you can always understand what is happening with your data and documents. These evaluations also put you in a position to comprehensively optimize your processes.

Integration of Applications, Portals, Archives and ECM Solutions in Your Output Management

SEAL Systems’ Enterprise Output Management already has profound interfaces into many applications: from ERP solutions from SAP to Windows to various CAD, PLM & PDM solutions.

In addition, various portal solutions can also be connected: these can be classified into different categories. These include the classic document management systems (DVS, archives, Enterprise Content Management [ECM]) and the modern cloud storage (for example Google Workspace, Cryptshare, Microsoft 365) of the various Internet service providers.

In various customer projects, the following solutions, among others, have been integrated into our Enterprise Output Management:

Digital Distribution with Our Web-Portal

You do not have a portal for document distribution yet or you want to implement a lean solution? SEAL Systems offers you a modern web portal via which your documents can be distributed efficiently and securely.

How Does the Integration of Portals, Archives and ECM Solutions Work?

Which Document Management Systems are Supported?

In principle, any existing system can be integrated via modern interfaces (APIs, web services, microservices).

What Additional Values are Offered by the Integration of Supplier Portals?

A direct connection not only saves time, but also reduces errors. Since the purchasing process can be carried out with corresponding documents, the purchaser does not have to manually search for the necessary documents.

How Can the Right Documents and Data be Combined in the Business Process?

We have created standards with our data handling for SAP business processes. However, third-party systems can also be integrated together; for this purpose, structures, data and documents are determined and linked with each other.