Process Printing in SAP

Sales Processes

Automatically Add All Necessary Supporting Documents to Your SAP Sales Documents

Comprehensive documents in the sales process make work easier. Whether it’s a quotation, sales order, delivery or invoice: with our help, you can complement the normal SAP documents with additional files and documents – for example, drawings, standard texts, inspection records, proof of delivery, activity reports, manufacturer documents. Whatever you have in mind: We find the right attachments for your customer communication.

The complete output of all documents simplifies all work processes. Because now everything is together at the push of a button – and in the right order, too. SAP printouts and additional documents are prepared and sent in a single step.

And for the user, nothing changes! The SAP standard procedures remain as they are.

Can I review the list of all forms and documents before they are distributed? Yes – and if something is not right: Add it or remove it from the batch.

Business Process Optimization
(with SAP-Complete Printing)

All Documents With One Click


The Correct Supporting Documents

How are the right documents found? In SAP, supplementary information is linked to master data such as material, bill of materials, quotation or sales order or stored under Generic Object Service (GOS). Our procedure evaluates these links – according to different adjustable methods. Additional filters for file or document type and validity help to find exactly the right files.

Flexible Distribution Channels

Printed or digitally distributed? This is not a crucial question, because you can switch between different methods at any time:

  • Output to printers as a batch. Distribution is made even easier with cover and end sheets with additional information.
  • Or do you want a distribution portal? No problem. This is also standard: electronic distribution as a PDF file via e-mail attachment.

By the way: if you provide your customers with documents electronically, you can also send 3D images from CAD or other non-printable data.

Different Storage Locations - No Problem

SAP knows many methods to link files with objects and transactions. We support them all: SAP DVS, Services to Object (GOS), ArchiveLink and Folders Management. If that’s not enough: we can also access third-party document management systems: OpenText, Teamcenter, file systems and and and. We are sure: we have already tapped into your management system as well.

Compliance Guaranteed

If something happens – we help to discover the error in the process. Because the distribution is documented. Look in SAP what was distributed when to whom. By the way, this also makes subsequent deliveries possible.
All batches of documents can be provided with a transaction and time stamp. This also makes it easier for the user on site to find the correct assignment.
If the additional documents come from a system with status and version management, then many companies also want to make this validity information visible. Here’s how: object- or process-related stamps or watermarks are standard.

Everything in the Document Flow

The SAP document flow can also be evaluated for document determination. So without further ado you can determine and add to the invoice from the chain offer-order-delivery note-invoice the original offer.

Output Channels

These SAP Transactions Can Be Handled

Customer Order (VA02)
Delivery (VL02N)
Billing/Invoice (VF02)


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Further Fields of Application

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