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SEAL Systems
Gold Service

For customers who would like to obtain software as a service, but for whom a cloud solution is not an option due to infrastructure or security aspects, we offer the Gold Service. Here, SEAL Systems not only takes over the installation and configuration of the proven conversion and output services, but also their operation. This is done by our support team, the specialists for all service questions around our products.

SEAL Systems Gold Service means: You provide the platform – we take care of the setup and operation of our solutions. The scope and content of the Gold Service are individually adapted to your needs.

In close cooperation with the customer’s user helpdesk, we analyze and solve processing problems. The systems are pro-actively monitored by our support engineers. This pro-active system maintenance is supported by automatic heartbeat functions that check the system status at regular intervals and automatically inform the SEAL Systems service team in the event of an error. If system adjustments have to be made, software updates installed, new queues set up or conversion parameters adjusted, our team takes care of this.

Your Environment Is Highly Sensitive?

No problem! The intervals at which we check your system can be adjusted to this, as well as to the need to obtain the service not only from 08:30 to 17:00.

Not Only for New Customers!

Of course, the Gold Service is not only available for new customers. Also existing customers, where the resources for system support are needed for other tasks or where the current system administrator retires, can book this service at SEAL Systems.


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We have consistently built and expanded our support team at SEAL Systems over the last few years in order to adapt the service offering for our customers to their increased needs. This includes our 24/5 and 24/7 service, which is used by many of our global customers. All our support engineers have many years of experience in supporting our solutions. This guarantees the highest efficiency and effectiveness, which we are happy to make available to you as part of our Gold Service.

Heiko Lochner, Team Lead Service Operations, SEAL Systems AG