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Computer Equipment

Below you will find notes on computer equipment, hardware requirements and operating systems for running our software.
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How Exact Is the Information on Computer Equipment?
Computer equipment recommendations are determined from our own testing and project results. Data, load profile and other infrastructure may vary greatly, therefore this information can only be one criterium in the selection of hardware.
Which Operating System Does SEAL Systems Recommend?
SEAL Systems Server Solutions supports many operating systems. Not all solutions are available for every operating system. With discontinuations or limitations in the support of operating systems or of third-party software through the manufacturer, the entitlement to SEAL Systems application support expires automatically.
You Will Find Detailed Information on Recommended Operating Systems just above, here on this page.
Support is available for the 64-bit version of each operating system, unless otherwise stated. For 64-bit Linux, the operating system’s 32-bit compatibility libraries are provided.
Do You Recommend Using Virus Scanners on SEAL Servers?
Please note that, as the scanning and recognition performance of virus scanners is subject to constant change, SEAL Systems cannot make a specific recommendation.
What Type of Computer Is Needed for the Server Installation?
We recommend server hardware with fail-safe mass storage. CAD conversions may require client operating systems and corresponding hardware.
Can SEAL Systems Software be Installed on a Computer with other Applications (for Example: SAP Content Server, SAP Application Server, Domain Controller)?
It is not advised to install such programs on a server. Installation and maintenance activity may impair the availability of other applications. Interactions could lead to disturbances.
Does SEAL Systems Support VMware?
Yes, the server components are tested with VMware at SEAL Systems and run on VMware-based virtualization solutions. SEAL Systems provides a VMware installation which meets the hardware recommendations in equipment (CPU, RAM, HD) and performance. CAD systems are released for VMware by CAD manufacturers only rarely. CAD conversion solutions accordingly require physical hardware in these cases.
Does SEAL Systems Support other Virtualization Solutions?


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