Visible Marking for Your Documents

Stamps + Watermarks

What are Stamps and Watermarks?

To protect your documents and visibly display approval processes, stamps and watermarks are the best choice! With these text and/or graphic elements, you apply additional marks and labels to your documents.

Watermarks cover the background of the document; the actual content is always visible in front of it. Stamps are more concise: they can also cover the document content.

The stamps and watermarks from SEAL Systems are freely configurable according to your wishes. For example, we visibly apply data on the release (status, releaser, date), on the usage process (customer, order, project), on the output process (date, user, devices, scaling) and other metadata known to your document management system to your documents, thus protecting them from incorrect use.

1D or 2D barcodes can also be applied, which are then used by subsequent workflows.

Who Needs Stamps and Watermarks?

All companies that need to keep a complete record of their release and approval steps at all times.

Companies that, for example, need to give suppliers and other external groups access to their PLM documents and want to ensure that they also know all the metadata from the PLM without accessing the PLM directly.

In particular, companies that manage their documents in SAP and want to visibly apply information from the document info record (DIS) or business processes to their documents.

Suitable for use in label creation: We not only create your labels for you, but also stamp data such as material number, serial number, manufacturing date, release and inspection marks or status on your labels.

FAQs on Stamps + Watermarks

We Would Like to Visibly Mark Our Documents When We Release Them. Is That Possible?

Integrated into the actual approval process, we extract the important data such as approving person, date, document classifications, etc. This information is applied as a stamp or watermark. Different layout options ensure that the actual content is not covered. If you wish, we can also incorporate the relevant information into your Office document or CAD model. Entire header types can be created and filled.

Can Stamps and Watermarks also Be Deleted Again?

If you wish, we also build you a process that removes stamps again. But only for PDF. This can be important if a released document is to be locked again. A normal user cannot do that, of course.

Can any User Change the Stamps or Watermarks?

As a rule, this is not intended. After all, the stamps should always look the same, and as presented before the audit. However, we provide a stamp editor for the administrator. The administrator configures the shape, orientation and position of the desired stamps or watermarks. Built into existing workflows, rules and logics can be used to make detailed adjustments to the document.

You Would Like to Read the Content of Barcode Stamps Again Later in an Automated Way?

This is also possible! We apply 1D and 2D barcodes with your desired information. We also provide you with processes to read these barcodes again. This allows you to fill your ECM system automatically.


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