Process Printing in SAP

Construction Processes

Collect All Material and Construction Documents – Quickly and Easily!

You have to deliver additional documents to your materials, such as a material BOM, and you always spend many hours to collect all related documents? You have no possibility to output documents of a construction BOM or material BOM from the SAP DMS standard?

Many companies feel the same way as you do! In SAP standard there is simply no possibility to output documents from a structure. So if you have to print or digitally distribute related documents, you start a tedious search for all related documents, you open each document in the viewer and finally print it or distribute it in another way.

To remedy this situation, SEAL Systems has developed the process printing solution for SAP, which is also available for construction processes!

Business Process Optimization
(with SAP-Complete Printing)

All Documents With One Click

Advantages of Our Process Printing Solution for Construction

Deep Resolution of Parts Lists with Determination of All Relevant Documents
Time Saving: Users Only Need a Few Mouse Clicks to Search for Documents
No Training Necessary for Users
Full Integration into Standard SAP Business Processes and Applications
Various Logging Options for Guaranteed Process Transparency

Output Channels

What Customers Say

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With SEAL Systems, we have fi nally found a software company with professional know-how in process optimization and output management. During the project work, we realized quite quickly that the staff of SEAL Systems work absolutely professionally and that the software works perfectly.

Dr. Clau Maissen, Development Manager at SwissOptic
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