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Attention SAP Partners: Digital Production Software to Improve Client Manufacturing Processes

Industry 4.0 is here, and SEAL Systems’ Digital Factory – Paperless Production solution can help streamline and secure your SAP clients’ manufacturing processes and manage your client’s SAP-based engineering and production information – all without the need for generating and managing paper documents. Interested in a digital production solution that helps accelerate your clients’ manufacturing processes and improve work efficiency? Check out our Digital Factory – Paperless Production video and flyer.

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SEAL Customer Connect Road Trip: Highlights in Innovation, Customer Service, and Reliable Solutions

From June 3-7, SEAL Systems embarked on our first-ever customer appreciation road trip. The trip covered 780 miles, took us through four states, and amounted to an 11 hour and 46-minute drive. Why did we do it? To have an opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face. Over the week, we were able to hear firsthand how our solutions are helping companies – and received some surprising feedback.

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Diehl Aviation: Quick Start with SAP ECTR

As the preferred partner of the international aviation industry, Diehl Aviation stands for highly specialized cabin solutions. The company bundles all aviation activities of the Diehl Group. Among its customers are well-known aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer. At Diehl Aviation in Laupheim, customer production documents are stored in the central SAP system and retrieved in the plants using a production information system. This used to be done via a self-programmed SAP interface. After the used production information system had been discontinued at short notice, a new solution had to be found quickly, preferably SAP-integrated. Thanks to SAP Engineering Control Center – SAP ECTR – and a concerted campaign, this was achieved promptly – in less than four months!

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    Through the introduction of output management solutions for the issuing of maintenance jobs, we could increase the quality of our processes and improve process safety. We know SEAL Systems as a professional, reliable and flexible project partner who also provides customer support in an engaged and timely manner.



A robust Output Management solution can reduce the time and cost required to manage document publishing as well as increase the security of valuable corporate information. Corporate Output Management includes: centralized print device management, the ability to incorporate mobile devices, document security and automated assembly, incorporating required electronic signatures, watermarks and stamps along with batch file conversion.


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Centralized Print Device Management

Most enterprises have hundreds if not thousands of print devices. These devices are spread throughout different buildings, sites, cities, states and even countries. The corporate publishing environment often includes multiple device manufacturers with different print formats. Adding to this complexity is the need to introduce mobile devices. SEAL Systems can provide a company with a centralized device management solution that is device agnostic, includes alerts, print history and makes adding and removing devices easier.


Automated Document Security

Documents are a valuable corporate resource. They represent thousands of work-hours, generations of knowledge and millions in investment. Documents often contain proprietary and competitive information. Documents can also represent a liability to any company. The loss or theft of important documents can lead to reduced revenue or worse. SEAL Systems helps companies secure their documents through encryption, PIN and OCR based publishing, historical print data and automating the signature process.


Document Compliance

ISO, FDA, FAA, DOD, DOE, REACH, RoHs, ITAR all require corporations to provide evidence that documents are secure, up to date and meet specific regulatory requirements. Failure to manage documents in the specified manner can result in delays in product launches or interfere with timely payment and product delivery processes. SEAL Systems streamlines the compliance process by automating the necessary signatures, stamps, watermarks and metadata required to meet compliance standards.


Automated Assebly of complex Documents

Production orders, maintenance work orders, technical publications, purchase orders, RFPs and other documents often incorporate different document types and formats that may reside in various systems. Gathering, compiling and creating one cohesive document can take weeks. SEAL Systems automates this time consuming task by automatically creating a single format document. The end result is a professional document that can include a title page, table of contents and 3-D PDF.


Batch File Conversion

SEAL Systems provides an enterprise with an automated batch file conversation process. Whether it is moving files from a native format to PDF/A for long term storage or to a neutral format for distribution, we can make this a seamless process.



SEAL Systems is proud to partner with SAP, Siemens PLM (Teamcenter), PTC (Windchill) and Dassault Systems (Enovia and Solidworks). We have helped companies extend the functionality of these systems into the document management environment since 1989.


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