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We offer solutions to make creating, managing and distributing your documents easier, more secure and more efficient.
We connect your ERP, PLM, engineering and office systems with your fleet of output devices company-wide, across location, hardware and software.
We also elegantly integrate all application formats and forms, as well as your company’s printer languages, drivers and operating systems.
Before printing your documents, we transform your various input formats into a uniform standard format. For example, for long-term archiving, in universally usable sample copy or in digital, easy-to-reproduce templates for your output systems. If you need more data condensed into a result file with navigation aids, our publishing system is the method of choice.


SEAL Systems erklärt…
Corporate Output Management

Alle Fragen, Anforderungen und Problemstellungen rund um die unternehmensweite Verteilung von Dokumenten und Informationen fassen wir unter dem Begriff Corporate Output Management zusammen. Und: Wir haben eine Lösung entwickelt, die für die Zusammenführung und Abwicklung all Ihrer Druck- und druckverwandten Prozesse in einem einzigen System sorgt. Was Corporate Output Management genau ist, was es kann, und welche Vorteile eine Corporate Output Management-Lösung für Sie bietet, erklären wir Ihnen in unserer neuesten Broschüre.

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Author: Tobias Habermann Tobias Habermann

gXconvert – Graphical conversion

gXconvert is THE universal tool from SEAL Systems for the direct conversion of diverse graphic formats. It can be used to convert many formats important for engineering/design, printing, plotting, and neutral and standard formats

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Author: Dr. Uwe Wächter Dr. Uwe Wächter