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We offer solutions to make creating, managing and distributing your documents easier, more secure and more efficient.
We connect your ERP, PLM, engineering and office systems with your fleet of output devices company-wide, across location, hardware and software.
We also elegantly integrate all application formats and forms, as well as your company’s printer languages, drivers and operating systems.
Before printing your documents, we transform your various input formats into a uniform standard format. For example, for long-term archiving, in universally usable sample copy or in digital, easy-to-reproduce templates for your output systems. If you need more data condensed into a result file with navigation aids, our publishing system is the method of choice.


Structured PDF in Technical Documentation

PDF is the central data format when dealing with digital documents. However in operational practice not all possibilities of PDF files are offered, supported, or used (sometimes for a long time), because of lack of awareness, among other things. Especially the fact that PDF files can contain other files is a characteristic that could be interesting for many companies. Since Adobe Acrobat X exists the usage of such imbedded files is even pushed by Adobe.

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Author: Dr. Uwe Wächter Dr. Uwe Wächter

SAP output functions – Services to Object (GOS)

Output functions for SAP processes and accompanying documents can be initiated in different ways. Until now there have been separate transactions and the direct integration into the SAP process. In the meantime these functions are available through object services (“GenericObject Services”). In this blog post we will introduce two practical examples of this mode of integration to you.

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Author: Jürgen Gotthardt Jürgen Gotthardt

Digital Rights Management – Comprehensive Protection for your Documents

SEAL Systems offers solutions for digital rights management (eDRM) for a complete know-how protection for your documents. The company emphasizes a focus on the seamless integration of rights management in the entire PLM, DVS and ECM environment of the SAP user. The target group for the fully integrated DRM Systems is companies in all industries whose consistent protection of their documents is critical to their business

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Author: Dr. Uwe Wächter Dr. Uwe Wächter
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    Through the introduction of output management solutions for the issuing of maintenance jobs, we could increase the quality of our processes and improve process safety. We know SEAL Systems as a professional, reliable and flexible project partner who also provides customer support in an engaged and timely manner.