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Enterprise Out‍put Solutions

Reduce Costs, Increase Security and Simplify Business Processes – with Solutions from SEAL Systems!

As experts in enterprise output solutions, we optimize the distribution of information and documents in your company.

No matter where the challenges lie – whether the management of large printer landscapes is taking up your time, whether your documents are exposed to risks on their way to external suppliers and customers or whether your approval processes are disorganized – SEAL Systems identifies the most efficient and secure way for your information and documents and makes them fit for printing, sending, archiving and further processing!

Tailor-made Solutions, Based on Modules that have been Tried and Tested Over Many Years

With our tried-and-tested modular system, we create precisely the customized solution that adds the most value to your company. We skillfully combine output management solutions with the necessary conversion services and integrate both into your system environment via interfaces.

We connect your ERP, PLM, engineering and office systems with your output, filing and archiving systems across locations, hardware and software. This also includes digital distribution processes for e-mail, fax and portal solutions.

Our Portfolio of Solutions:

Enterprise Output Management Gives You Control & Transparency.

Many companies invest considerable resources in building and maintaining a coherent network of systems, applications and output devices – often without success: the processes are unflexible and intransparent. Here we offer middleware that optimally connects your applications with your printer and output infrastructure. Enterprise Output Management from SEAL Systems ensures a smooth, optimally controlled output on all output channels. So you finally achieve the flexibility you need. You are independent of printer manufacturers, the integration of your diverse solution worlds, such as SAP, is child’s play and through the central administration and monitoring functions you achieve complete cost and error control.

Organize Your Documents - with the Help of Our Enterprise Conversion Solutions!

Many medium and large companies have already benefited from our conversion workflows. We would also be happy to help you simplify the work with your documents and increase the security of your documents in the process. For example, we automatically combine your documents, convert them into umpteen different formats, stamp or sign them, file them, print them or distribute them electronically – or even all at once. Because we control document management! It also doesn’t matter whether your documents come from the CAD system and are to become a 3D PDF, or whether your e-mails are to end up as PDFs in the archive … Our experts always find the right solution!

Our SAP Solutions Extend the SAP Standard in the Fields of Printing, Distribution and Conversion

Our solutions help to provide documents managed in SAP on an ad-hoc or business process basis, digitally or analogously, or to prepare them prior to document display. We support all SAP DMS components (SAP DVS, SAP Folders Management, ArchiveLink, etc.) as well as external management systems. In addition, we are happy to help you implement a digital signature process in your SAP environment.

Benefit from the Advantages of Our Enterprise Output Solutions

Reduce Costs and Gain Cost Control

Digitization and process automation have also gained significant speed in the corporate environment in recent years. These optimizations quite often have a common goal – to create transparency and cost control and ultimately save costs. Our Enterprise Output Solutions offer various application possibilities to achieve exactly these goals!

For example, we have been able to prove that our Printer Management module reduces IT printer management costs by up to 90%. There is also an Accounting & Controlling function in our output management solutions that shows you exactly who prints what, when, where, from which application, and how. So you also know where in the company the most printing costs occur and can react accordingly.

Our Conversion Solutions also offer similar advantages! Since we consolidate your system landscape for conversion processes, the administration effort is reduced – you benefit from lower hardware and helpdesk costs!

Enhance Maintainability and Reliability

“Print services do not fail!” Our output management engine PLOSSYS does everything to make this promise come true. If something does go wrong, the monitoring mechanisms in PLOSSYS make it easy to identify and minimize sources of error. Your administrators get a clear view of all output jobs, devices and their operating states and can react to errors directly in the tool.

But not only your print services gain stability – SEAL Systems can also increase the reliability of your conversion services! We consolidate your document conversions in different systems and handle all processes on one engine. Your IT will be happy: Configuration and administration of your conversion processes can be done centrally and standardized.

And don’t forget: You are never alone with your solutions! Our service and support team will be happy to help you with words and deeds.

Increase Information Security

Data and information are the true currency of a company and should therefore always be protected. At SEAL Systems, security is therefore a top priority. Our solutions are designed to take relevant privacy measures into account right from the start. We pay special attention to maintaining end-to-end encryption from the application to the printer, fax, archive and other systems. Especially for printing, we also recommend our customers to use a pull printing solution, so that only authenticated persons have access to print data. Using the OpenID Connect authentication procedure, our solutions confirm the identity of the person.

Our conversion services also offer maximum data security thanks to data encryption, user and rights management, and the use of standard protocols.

Interesting: for our customers in the automotive industry, we even went through and passed the TISAX certification for information security.

Over 1,500 customers entrust their data to our solutions. In particular, we work with many companies that are subject to strict compliance guidelines and rules. Do you have problems with your release processes? For example, do documents that have not been approved end up in your production? We are happy to help you achieve conformity as well.

Improve Performance

Speed means everything in business! Although setting up a printer in different systems may only take a few hours and printing or converting a document only a few seconds, these processes still add up to days when you have hundreds of printers to set up or tens of thousands of documents to print, stamp, convert or archive.

Time you want to save? Then our Enterprise Output Solutions are exactly what you need!

We have the fastest spooler ever on the market, processing millions of jobs per month for individual customers, tens of thousands per minute, and making response times of less than 0.1 second to the device possible. With our solutions, we also offer you optimal load balancing and failover.

And also in the SAP environment the performance improves with SEAL Systems! Our solutions for diverse business processes give your SAP users fast and easy access to all relevant information. Because we find all linked documents to your orders, quotations, sales orders, maintenance orders, etc. and put an end to error-prone, manual searches.

But as SAP experts, we can offer even more! For example, we import your data into SAP DMS in the shortest possible time or show you status and version data with one click. Contact us and improve the performance of your company!

Automate Business Processes

The success of a company depends, among other things, on getting various documents and data to customers, suppliers, employees or other parties. If this does not happen quickly enough, production and work delays can occur. If these activities are done manually by your employees, errors can happen and, in the worst case, immense costs can be the consequence. That’s why we help you automate the paths of your documents and data!

Support Green IT Strategy

“Green IT” – a term that everyone is talking about today. But what can you do to make your IT processes and infrastructure more resource-efficient – in other words, “green”? Our solutions and modules offer you various starting points!

Who doesn’t know them, for example, the piles of printed paper in the printer that are never picked up by the employee and end up directly in the shredder? You can save this unnecessarily wasted paper with our Secure and PickUp solution. A solution that also significantly increases information security in your company!

Another common example: Your employees receive a contract, an offer or similar documents by e-mail. This document now needs to be signed. So they print it out, sign it, scan it, and e-mail it back to the sender. This workflow can be handled not only more elegantly, but above all more securely and quickly. Implement a digital signing solution for this purpose. Together with our partners, we will find the best solution for you!

Stacks of printouts are also familiar in production! It is still often the case today that assembly documents are printed out from SAP and production employees have to fight their way through these stacks of paper to find the information relevant to them. Since the documents may be outdated immediately after printing, it sometimes even happens that the documents have to be disposed of immediately and printed again. SEAL Systems also designs this process in a resource-saving way. With our Manufacturing solution for SAP, order data and production documents end up up-to-date and digital directly at the workplace of your employees!


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