Why Manufacturing Companies Need a Centralized ERP

by Catherine O'Toole

A company’s success largely stems from how well the different departments can exchange data with each other. Learn the difference between decentralized and centralized software systems, along with how a centralized ERP system is vital to achieving success.

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Another Software Upgrade? … Why?

by Debra Garls

As a rule, most human beings don’t like change. Especially when it comes to the processes in their workplace that can have a big impact on their productivity and performance, however, progress requires change. Luckily some solutions make a process more efficient and do not require end-user training.

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Navigating Disruptions Series: Three Keys to Staying Resilient

by Catherine O'Toole

This is our third installment in our Navigating Disruptions series. Check out this blog to see how you can use these insights to stay resilient against supply chain disruptions.  

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Navigating Disruptions Series: Achieve Productivity in Manufacturing

by Catherine O'Toole

Achieve Productivity in Manufacturing

From plants coming to a standstill to others hitting unsustainable levels with new and skyrocketing demand, companies have had to adapt to an ever-changing landscape quickly. As companies have grappled with these disruptions, an elusive goal has become even more vital: managing productivity. Read on to learn why manufacturing teams are concentrating on increasing their productivity and how digital investments can help.

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Navigating Disruptions Series: Improve Visibility in Your Operations

by Catherine O'Toole

Improve Visibility in Your Operations

We are all living in a disrupted world, and to get through it, we need to help each other. In this blog (and in the following Navigating Disruptions Series), learn how to navigate disruptions with agility, resiliency, and with a dash of technology.

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New Version for Conversion Released – DPF 3.0

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

In the last two years, there have been many new features and improvements of the different products and components of SEAL Systems. Since the end of May 2021, a new version for conversion has been released – DPF 3.0. Here are the most important innovations and discontinuations.

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Life Sciences Manufacturing: How to Avoid Production Delays

by SEAL Systems Inc.

Life Sciences Production

Equipment manufacturers for medical and science industries face evolving challenges in maintaining the complex modern machines that help build our world’s life science-related instruments. Read the blog to learn more.

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Plant Maintenance: The Importance of Getting Your Techs the Info They Need

by Catherine O'Toole

Plant Maintenance: Get Your Techs the Info Blog

Dynamic information is vital in plant maintenance. It ensures that technicians have all the information they need to do their job correctly and, more importantly, safely. Therefore, the task of assembling work orders for plant maintenance is a critical job that, done correctly, keeps employees out of harm’s way. How can you make sure you are getting your technicians the information they need? Read our blog to find out.

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The End of Windows’ PrintNightmare

by Johannes Hesel

At the end of June, the vulnerability in the Windows print spooler known as PrintNightmare was published. At the beginning of July, Microsoft provided patches for it to close the gap. Since the problem is found in Windows' Printer Spooler service, Windows Print Spooler has often been disabled as a workaround. However, such disabling may affect some SEAL Systems software components. We recommend to apply the patch instead. Learn more.

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The Rise of Digital Transformation

by Catherine O'Toole

Digital Transformation

Digital initiatives are not slowing down. Instead, funding for digital solutions has increased more than anything else because to stay competitive in this new environment, new global practices are needed. In this blog, learn about the rise of digital transformation and how digital solutions can be your competitive advantage.

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