Comprehensive Sales Orders with a Click

Sales: Simplify the Order Process

In sales, time is everything. The hours spent collecting all the needed information, converting files like CAD, and sending the order could have been used on more critical tasks. That is why compiling sales orders can be a huge frustration for all salespeople to complete. Time spent is money lost!

So, what if you could help your sales team automate the sales order process and eliminate the time sink created by manual processes. You can, with our application!

We help you Compile Sales Orders with a Click and Streamline Sales Order Distribution with built-in Secure Communication.

Compile Sales Orders with a Click

The task of tracking down all the information for a sales order can be a huge headache with the many line items and links to other customer-facing documents. Some salespeople include Bills of Material (BOM) and CAD or Drafting files, so converting these can take extra time and effort to do it correctly. With all the effort needed to compile complete sales orders accurately, customers are also left waiting. Delays can have wide-reaching effects, especially since customers are usually on a timeline and need to get an order moving as fast as possible.

Easily Compile Complete Sales Orders!

Alleviate all frustration associated with collecting and delivering sales orders by automating the process! With our Automated Sales Order application, your sales teams can quickly compile and produce sales documentation with the SAP orders.

With one click of the mouse, you can grab all needed forms, files, and any additional documents – no matter the file type.

File type doesn’t matter because all documents, including CAD and BOM information, get packaged into a PDF with a Table of Contents. They are included seamlessly into the order!

Free Factsheet

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Read in our factsheet how exactly our solution for SAP sales processes works and from which advantages your sales team can also benefit!

Streamline Sales Order Distribution

When distributing a sales order, there are additional tasks that a salesperson must do. A message must be written to accompany the sales order, and the sales order must be shared according to the company’s preference (e.g., email, web portal). These tasks are not as cumbersome as compiling the sales order itself, but what if you could automate this process as well?

Distribute Sales Orders Efficiently with Secure Communication!

With SEAL Systems, secure communication is also achieved with end-to-end encryption! Our application triggers a standard SAP message to your customers. This means that messages to accompany the sales order are no longer needed. Also, we can distribute your sales orders anywhere you want – web portal or email!

Learn more about our digital, secure distribution processes!


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