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Purchase / Procure­ment: Secure Communication

With the many regulatory compliance standards, it is imperative to ensure that all business communication is secure. Staying compliant with SAP purchase orders can take a significant amount of time to do correctly, but it does not have to.

With SEAL Systems, compliance with SAP purchase orders is guaranteed.

Our applications provide secure email distribution, end-to-end encryption, complete PDF packages, and additional benefits like stamps and signature capture.

Complete PDF Packages

Working with purchasing documents and records in SAP can be time-consuming. Do you know the cases where you have to effortfully collect all documents for your purchasing process because their additional documents are stored in different places in SAP? In this case SEAL Systems can help!

Our solution automatically determines all related documents and data and provides them together with your order or request in one package. This can include, for example, documents on the material, the supplier, the order item or the batch.

Furthermore, we enrich your documents and SAP forms with sketches, stamps, watermarks or barcodes.

This guarantees that no more information is lost in your purchasing process!

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Complete Traceability and Secure Digital Distribution

Once the purchase order has left the inbox, it is out of the sender’s hands. So, including all the information and making sure the purchase order is sent to the right person can add pressure to make sure it is done correctly. No one wants to send a purchase order to the wrong vendor.

Achieve Peace of Mind with SEAL Systems!

Our applications ensure that the purchase order is sent to the correct vendor every time. You can distribute the purchase order via email or web portal while the system also records the distribution. Therefore, in SAP, you can see what was delivered when – and to whom. Using our solutions, you can also know when someone receives the purchase order, and after a certain amount of time, you can delete the email. Furthermore, our applications provide end-to-end encryption, so you can rest assured that your business communication is secure!

Read in detail how our solutions for digital distribution works.

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