Outlook Conversion: Email Long-term Archiving

Email Archiving

What is Email Archiving from SEAL Systems?

It often happens that communication in Outlook has to be stored for a long time in the company due to company guidelines and compliance requirements. This causes great challenges for the IT in the respective companies. Outlook is complex and consists of various formats for email content, attachments, administration and appointments. So how is this flood of information to be stored in the long term and independently of versions and operating systems?

This is where Outlook conversion & email archiving from SEAL Systems comes in!

Before storing and archiving your emails, we take care of converting your files into a format that is standardized via standards for long-term archiving: PDF/A. We are specialists in this!

How Does the Outlook Conversion Work?

The conversion is done in three steps:

  1. Disassembling the mail
    The mail is split recursively into its components. Attachments are stored as a separate file. The result is individual files and a descriptive XML structure with the important metadata.
  2. Conversion of the individual components
    All files are converted to PDF.
  3. Combining the components into one overall document
    In the last step, all files are combined into one overall PDF with bookmarks or as a structured PDF/A-2 (with the identical structure of your original e-mail).

Filters control the processes. Thus, unwanted mail types, e.g. Out of Office Reply or file types such as executable programs, can be excluded from processing.

Would You Like to Convert other Office Files?

You can find all the information about converting Office files on another page.


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FAQs on Email Archiving

What Happens with Encrypted Mails?
Encrypted mails cannot be converted. They are detected in the first processing step and processing is aborted. The system gives you a corresponding error message. But the processing of all other e-mails continues without interruption.
Can Mail Folders also be Processed?
You can easily save your mail folders as PST. Our converter also processes PST files and even takes into account the structures that exist in them.

Many of our customers organize communication about a project, task or similar in separate mail folders. Messages in these separate folders can then be stored by Outlook in separate PST files. In this way, we can archive your project by converting all relevant messages in a PST file into a PDF/A file. Contexts are therefore preserved.

We Use Lotus Notes. What Can We Do?
You can easily save Lotus Notes mails as EML. Our converter processes MSG and PST as well as EML.

Lotus Notes uses as internal format what is actually standardized. Send us the EML format directly to the conversion server and we will convert it to PDF. A Lotus Notes or Outlook license is not required.

And What About the Outlook License?
For processing MSG and PST you need a licensed Outlook. We use your configured layout for the printout of your mails and virtually simulate the print before we generate the PDF/A from it for you.

What Can SEAL Systems Convert?

We are the experts in document and file conversion! Thus, we not only convert Outlook documents into your desired format, but also offer a wide range of conversion solutions for any scenario.