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Production: Save Time & Increase Efficiency

To meet increasing market demands and shortened timelines, companies are having to find innovative ways to increase production results. However, improving production can be a time-consuming and expensive process, but it does not have to be.

SEAL Systems can help you increase your production by making your processes more efficient. Our applications for Automated Bundling of Production Work Orders and Paperless Production save time and increase efficiency by eliminating human error and supercharging your process.

Automated Bundling of Production Work Orders

When producing production work order packages manually, the process can take someone several hours every day to complete. From navigating to the production order in SAP, looking up every drawing linked to materials, operations, and other objects in the production order, and printing out each document, the process can be tedious and time-consuming.

Turn a Several-hour Process into 30 Minutes!

Our SAP output add-ons give companies the ability to select what type of documents should be distributed with individual work orders based on plant, group, work center, user, and more. Our applications also enable companies to automatically design where documents are distributed, and which documents travel with each work order. Also, if you have supporting documents like applicable drawings for production orders, we support that too!

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See how we automated a customer’s production work order package and how our solution helped to print out the applicable internal engineering drawings with each production order.

Paperless Production

Manufacturing dynamics shift quickly, whether from changing customer demand, material shortages, or adjustments to production quantities. Plant workers and managers need to have access to up-to-date and accurate information to take quick action to adapt – without slowing down production.

Make Your Production Process Digital!

With our Paperless Production Solution for SAP, information is shared via touch screens with the speed of a finger. The production workflow changes are seamless and transparent to those working on the shop floor – all employees see on-demand details and up-to-the-minute results. If an update is made to an order an employee is working on, a push notification will let the employee know what change was made so that they can make immediate adjustments.

For management, transparency is provided with immediate and automated status reports. Orders are intuitively searchable, as updates can be viewed when the order moves through each workstation. If an order falls behind, a notification can be shared automatically so the appropriate action can take place to reduce delays.

Relevant production information is also digitally captured without the need for paper logbooks. By storing quantities produced, scrap results, and notes for the shop floor to report back to the planning and execution group, work time is streamlined, and reliability increased.

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