Secure Archiving and Document Distribution for SAP

Conversion of Documents in SAP

Integrated and Automatic Conversion

For secure archiving and easy document distribution, companies using SAP usually always need conversion processes of their documents. SEAL Systems offers for these companies standard procedures for file conversion with interfaces for SAP. Our conversion servers have it all: over 50 different input and output formats are supported, e.g. graphic, text and CAD files, application and neutral formats.

Moreover, SEAL Systems conversion services can be extended with useful additional features: Stamps and watermarks apply additional status information and validity notes to your documents, a signature page shows the release protocol, with the digital signature you prove the authorship of the document and its immutability and standard evaluations check the compatibility with established archiving standards.

IT administration is not ignored either: SEAL Systems Conversion Server has intuitive user interfaces for administration and job tracking.

Conversion for SAP

Our Conversion Services for SAP

Easy Conversion for SAP DMS

The SAP Document Management System (DMS) has a conversion interface in the standard system, which enables the integration of the necessary third-party conversion servers.

SEAL Systems procedures are leading and support the conversion of construction data (CAD, PLM) as well as text-oriented files: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Exchange and others. Typical target formats are PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG , BMP and 3D visualizations.

We support all major storage types for document files: Contentserver, ArchiveLink, File System, URL.

Certified Printing and Conversion Interface BC-XDC

The SAP-certified implementation of the SAP standard interface (External Document Converter) enables server-based conversion of file and application formats to print data or long-term formats. Synchronous and asynchronous methods (composite spool request) are supported.

File Converter for SAP Records and Folders Management

There are use cases where the standard functionality of BC-XDC is not sufficient. Here RM Convert from SEAL Systems helps. With RM Convert, the function call for converting documents in SAP Folders Management is implemented as a service and menu entry. In addition to the SAP standard interface BC-XDC, RM Convert can address an interface with extended functionality. Standard functions for conversion, but also specific processing methods for documents or conversion processes are mapped via this interface.

Check and Establish PDF/A Compatibility

We would like to convert our legacy data from TIFF to PDF/A. To ensure this standard, our PDF Longlife Suite checks and corrects your PDF files in accordance with the PDF/A standard.

The solution consists of components for verification, correction, integration with SAP DMS and a module for inventory data verification.

Create Signature Sheet Automatically

The signature page is a file with one or more sheets generated from SAP data. Usually, the signature page consists of a header area with a number of lines containing the basic data and characteristics about the document. The second area is variable and contains a list of signatures and/or processing data. For example, the release process is visible to all recipients as a preliminary sheet for a document.

Post-conversion Made Easy

With our tool DMS-XSA some tasks and maintenance work around the SAP DMS can be solved elegantly with low costs: For example, post-conversions, file exports and other work can be performed once or recurrently.

Free Success Story

Detailed Monitoring for All Conversion Processes – Directly in the SAP System? No Problem for MAQUET!

As an internationally acting manufacturer of medical devices, MAQUET is subject to FDA regulations with very high quality standards. To be able to comply with these standards also in their release processes in SAP and in the storage of documents in SAP DMS, MAQUET works together with SEAL Systems. Read the whole success story now!


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