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SAP Solutions

SEAL Systems Optimizes and Automates Document-related Processes in the SAP System!

Although SAP is so powerful and multifunctional, there are still “blind spots” – points for which there is no standard SAP solution. Especially in processes involving documents, this is often the case. And that’s exactly where our SAP Solutions come in!

With our tools and solutions for SAP, we ensure that the right information and documents arrive in the right place, in the right form. This makes many things faster, safer and more economical. More than 1,000 customers worldwide already benefit from this!

SEAL Systems has been a partner of SAP for decades. As an innovative software company and silver partner, we work together on future topics for the output and distribution of documents from SAP business processes.

Here we give you an overview of our SAP Solutions.

Process Printing in SAP

“One click to a complete set of SAP working documents” – this is the motto of our process printing solutions that have been tried and tested over many years. Deep integration with SAP means we can assemble all your required SAP add-on documents in the shortest possible time. But that is not the whole story. We always maintain the correct sequence, apply page numbering, convert your documents into the desired format and automatically send the document package to your stored recipients or print it out. Discover the processes, objects and structures that we currently support as standard. We are happy to offer you further processes on request.

Our process printing in SAP is available for a wide range of SAP business processes. Here you can learn more about the most important six cases:


Tools for SAP

Our diverse tools for SAP DMS, ArchiveLink and Folders Management make it much easier for your SAP users to handle documents. For example, we have developed tools that help to find documents quickly and easily, to load documents quickly and in batch, to facilitate mass imports of documents, or to make steering and release information visible directly when the document is displayed.

Besides, there are tools for checking the quality of your filed documents and for compiling print and distribution jobs.

There are almost no limits to the application possibilities of our tools for SAP! Learn more about it!

Further SAP Solutions

Technical Documentation for SAP
Generate your manuals and documentation automatically in the future! From data and files created or managed in SAP. We will show you how to bring structures and content together in one pass and compile publishable brochures, folders or external media, e.g. CDs.

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Output Management
Reduce migration costs & optimize SAP spool – Improve SAP printing capabilities with a true output management system! Output all form types and print programs on all device types in all company locations and countries. Without ongoing adaptation and evaluation efforts. With barcodes and all character sets. Certified interface with sheet-accurate feedback.

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To archive and distribute your SAP documents securely, a conversion of your original files into a long-term and neutral format is always necessary first. For this purpose SEAL Systems offers certified procedures for many interfaces which SAP defines for this purpose.

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