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Invoicing Is Fun with Process Printing Solutions from SEAL Systems

In addition to SAP documents, you want to output other documents such as drawings, specifications or data entered by employees on site? Then you can save a lot of time and avoid errors in SAP billing. With solutions from SEAL Systems billing documents from SAP SD can be output automatically with additional (relevant) documents. And this independent of the file location, in the right order and, if necessary, with additional information.

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The Correct Supporting Documents

With process printing solutions from SEAL Systems, you can output other documents related to the invoice, such as drawings, specifications, or data collected by the employee on site. To find the correct documents, our processes evaluate the links related to your invoice transaction. This process can be customized: For example, in the case of collective invoices that relate to several service orders, you can output only some of the documents linked to them. Extensive configuration and filtering options are available for this purpose. In addition, it must be possible to sort these documents in a specific order during printing and to correct or check them manually before the actual output. Since the invoices are often printed and enveloped by a print service provider, in this case the invoices must also be provided as a PDF with folding and enveloping marks and provided with a margin stamp that contains the document number. All this is no problem: you can correct or check the documents manually before outputting them. Your documents can also be provided with additional information in the form of stamps.

Different File Locations - No Problem

In the case of services such as spare parts management, additional documents often have to be issued to the customer along with the invoice. These could be safety data sheets, customs documents, drawings or other specifications. However, all these relevant documents are not always directly linked to the invoice – the challenge is that the referenced documents are not attached to the actual object itself but to various objects. In the area of service fulfillment, for example, documents relating to conversions, repairs, maintenance, or TÜV acceptance are often linked to the service order.

Also data recorded by the employee on site, such as hours worked and tasks performed, are usually linked directly to it. With our process printing solutions, SAP-managed documents can be automatically identified along the document flow, together with all associated forms and lists, regardless of where they are filed or linked, and output in the correct order. Whether the referenced documents are linked to the billing document, the service order or another object is therefore irrelevant.

Flexible Distribution Channels
Printed or digitally distributed? No matter how you want to distribute your billing documents, the output is flexible and can be customized at any time: Whether you want to print the invoices in-house or via a service provider, the distribution can be done as a complete batch to the printer. The connection of a web portal, the distri­bution to mobile devices or as a PDF file via e-mail attachment also belong to the standard.

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