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Output Manage‍ment for Windows

What is Output Management for Windows?

“I can’t see the forest for the trees.” Does this saying remind you of your heterogeneous printer landscape with a multitude of different printer drivers? Does your company lack cost transparency? You don’t know which cost centers print how much or how many documents are printed in color and in black and white? The integration of terminal server and home office environments into your printer landscape also presents you with challenges time and again?

Then we have the solution!

Our Enterprise Output Management System uses a generic driver (MasterDriver) that has been awarded an innovation prize. This enables you to handle all your analog and electronic printing processes using just one driver. This significantly reduces the administration effort involved in your Windows-related printing infrastructure.

Finally, you can eliminate redundant Windows print servers, manage and optimize your print output via a single solution, and ultimately reduce your costs.


High Economic Efficiency
  • Reduced administration effort through generic driver, robust processes and central control and monitoring tools
  • Saving of redundant Windows print servers
  • Reduced opportunity costs through free choice in hardware procurement
  • Paper elimination through optional digital distribution methods and Secure & PickUp Printing Solutions
  • Transparency of costs and throughput thanks to central accounting
High System Availability
  • Failover concepts guarantee high availability of printing processes
  • Scalable throughput with load balancing
  • Reduced downtime and support costs through automatic response in case of error
Better User Experience
  • Helpdesk can help immediately thanks to print job tracking capabilities
  • New devices can be put into operation immediately
  • High system availability and reliability
  • Work in the familiar Windows environment – no need to learn a new system
Data and System Security
  • Company-wide encrypted transmission of all print data
  • Broad user and rights management
  • Optional Secure & PickUp Printing – keeping confidential information confidential
Transparency of Costs and Throughput
  • Central accounting of all important output information
  • Cost center or project assignment possible
  • Analysis for specific areas and devices
Investment Safety
  • Device-neutral print data processing enables easy integration of new hardware
  • Free choice of equipment procurement: optimal starting position for negotiations when selecting hardware suppliers
  • Modular system architecture is always adaptable to new requirements of your company

Who needs Output Management for Windows?

All companies that print from Windows: For every company that wants to reduce their costs of print output and infrastructure management with Windows, while remaining independent of specific vendors’ proprietary solutions, our output management solution just makes sense.

Administrators who want to save time: For any administrator who is often involved in driver management, troubleshooting and incompa­tibilities in virtualised environments, the Output Management solution for Windows offers valuable benefits.

Users who print from Windows: Any user who considers smooth and easy printing from Windows an important basis for their work will benefit from a stable, high-performance output management solution.

Controllers who want more transparency: Controllers and all employees who are responsible for the transparent cost control of a company can use the central accounting functionality to find out which cost unit, which department, which project or which device generates which printing costs.

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Output Management for Windows in the SEAL Systems Environment

Output Management for Windows is a part of the Enterprise Output Management Software from SEAL Systems. This connects all applications with all output channels throughout the company in only one system. It handles data processing (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and output channel control. It also offers broad functionality around all aspects of your print infrastructure and processes.

Discover our wide range of solutions in the field of Enterprise Output Management:


Do you have uncountable diverse printer drivers that have to be administered in your company which causes a lack of transparency and chaos?

Use the generic Windows driver from SEAL Systems – our so-called Master Driver – which was awarded with the Innovation Award. With only one driver in the entire company, all Windows systems and device types can be integrated. You define independently and individually, which device features should be offered for which user group. These options apply not only to print output, but are also available without restriction for the electronic distribution of your documents.

Your users can set up the printers that are of interest locally at any time on the basis of the generic driver. Furthermore, the SEAL Systems driver not only saves you valuable time and stress, but also reduces costs by eliminating the need for Windows print servers.

Are you forced to adapt your output processes to a printer manufacturer?
With the output management solution from SEAL Systems you make your processes independent of any printer hardware. The solution is firmly rooted in your application level and prepares all print-relevant processes hardware-independently. No matter on which device manufacturer, type or model you want to print, you will achieve an exactly identical and consistent print image. Break free from all constraints. We will standar­dize your output processes together and you decide to use hardware on the basis of strictly economic factors.
Do your printer drivers no longer function reliably following a Windows system changeover or due to heterogeneous system landscapes?

Get rid of the dependency on different printer drivers as well as waiting times for driver updates. With the generic driver from SEAL Systems, only one driver is available for all output processes. This driver adapts to heterogeneous system landscapes and avoids incompatibilities. This ensures a manufacturer-independent, uniform print image as well as increased system reliability for your output processes.

Do various printer drivers and printer types cause incompatibilities and performance problems in virtualised environments?
Your administrators long for a central system for decentralized organization? Our Output Management System can be easily integrated into terminal server environ­ments (e.g. Windows or Citrix) and acts as a central organizational unit. The output management solution uses the Microsoft certified generic master driver from SEAL Systems, so your terminal servers as well as physical and virtual desktops remain free of native printer drivers. You can continue to offer the right printer to the users, with specially defined device properties in always the same look and feel.
Is the wastepaper basket next to the department printer always full of unnecessary printouts?
With an optional PickUp Printing solution, our output management helps reduce unnecessary printouts by your employees and correspondingly cut printing costs. The print job is only triggered after authentication at the printer, for example by PIN entry, employee ID card or barcode scan with a mobile device. Unauthorized print jobs can be deleted automatically after a defined time window has elapsed and no longer end up “uncollected” in the paper garbage can.
Learn more about Secure & PickUp Printing
Do output processes create a cost factor in your company that should not to be underestimated?
A central controlling and accounting system sheds light on the often pitch-black lack of transparency! The central output management system gives you an overview of all costs. The breakdown of the print volume can be differentiated and evaluated on a fine-granular basis, ensuring a high level of cost transparency. The resulting systematic device management also allows you to operate your device inventory efficiently and use operating materials in a targeted manner. The output management system can also be integrated into existing asset and incident management systems.
Does your sensitive data need to be protected from unauthorised access in the corporate network?
State-of-the-art encryption mechanisms in the output management system ensure that your confidential data and documents are also treated confidentially and protected. Decryption takes place only at the output device. In addition, sensitive documents can be protected from unauthorized viewing by the Secure & PickUp Printing functionality. Only authorized employees are able to order confidential documents after authentication at the printer.

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