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Output Manage­ment for SAP

Output Management for SAP S/4HANA – What Is It?

Are the standard functionalities of SAP print output not enough for you? Do you want to integrate a complex output device landscape, consisting of desktop printers, multifunction devices and digital distribution processes, via a central output management system with just a few clicks and make them available in the entire SAP system landscape? Are you also looking for a way to centrally control, monitor and track your entire output processes?

The Output Management System from SEAL Systems ensures device-neutral, secure and consistently transparent document and information distribution from SAP S/4HANA.

We connect your various output channels (e.g. print, plot, e-mail, fax, portal, archive) with a standardized interface (BC-XOM, SAPGOF, SAPGOFU). This means you are well prepared for all forms of correspondence!

With SEAL Systems, you handle your entire print and output processes through one single system. In addition, you enjoy further advantages of our output management solution such as the preparation of your documents by means of watermarks, stamps and barcodes, such as forms management and many more.

Do your print jobs often get lost or output in the wrong format?

SEAL Systems explains:

Enterprise Output Management

The Advantages of Our Output Management for SAP

More Transparency – Print Job Tracking from the Application to the Paper Output
Creation of Barcodes Without Cost-intensive Printer Add-ons
Printing of SAP Forms With Country-specific Different Character Sets
Avoidance of Costly and Inflexible Creation of Forms
No More Setting Up Printers Individually in Different SAP System Environments
Reduction of Application Server Load Thanks to Outsourced Printing Processes
Maximum Security When Distributing Confidential Data and Documents
Central Integration of All Company Sites Into a Single Output Management Landscape
Clear Monitoring of All Output Devices

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Your SAP Print Output Is Not Transparent and Important Processes Cannot Be Traced?

You cannot ensure that your production papers have actually arrived at the desired output device or that the order papers arrived at the supplier via e-mail? We monitor your output orders end-to-end.

Regardless of the output medium selected, users and administrators can track the progress of output jobs at any time and identify possible errors. Only when this has actually been successfully issued feedback is generated. This enables you to safeguard critical business processes and ensure at all times that recipients have received all the documents they need. In addition, this avoids unnecessary reprints.

Do You Use Costly Printer Add-ons to Create Barcodes?

We generate your desired barcodes on the software side, without additional investment in printer hardware. We provide barcodes, 2D codes as well as QR codes, but also OMR codes and OME markings. You can define on which documents and at which position the barcodes are applied.

Printing Forms and Documents With Different Character Sets Is a Problem For You?

Individual international character sets must be stored on the printers via DIMM modules which are subject to an extra charge? The Output Management System from SEAL Systems processes all fonts and code pages in the standard. Thus, you ensure smooth communication and document distribution in international business transactions. This means that you cover all desired character sets in the company network with one central system and thus significantly reduce the support effort.

Creating Forms Is Time-consuming and Inflexible? Printed Forms Deviate from the Defined Design?

Our Enterprise Output Management can be supplemented with professional forms management. This allows you to easily create templates via a user-friendly interface using drag & drop and WYSIWYG features.
The creation of these templates is supported by a building block system. Elements (headers, logos, text blocks, barcodes, etc.) can be saved as building blocks and easily reused for other documents. The output of the designed forms is identical, independent of the selected output channel.

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Setting Up New Printers, Distributing them to the Individual SAP System Environments and Managing them Across Locations Is Cumbersome and Time-consuming?

With the central printer management of SEAL Systems you can set up, define and manage all output devices company-wide across locations. Output devices are synchronized in the desired environments at the push of a button. Individual setup is eliminated, minimizing the time administrators spend managing output devices.

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Your Application Servers Are Running Out of Capacity Due to Print-related Processes?
Our enterprise output management solution guarantees optimum load distribution, maximum reliability and maximum print throughput thanks to an intelligent multi-server architecture. Automatic system responses can be individually configured in the event of an error, so that your business-critical output processes are fully protected.
Do You Have Sensitive Data and Documents that Need to Be Secured During Transfer?
Integrated encryption and compression mechanisms in the output management system protect your data from illegal access from outside, but also within your company network. Large amounts of data can additionally be compressed for transmission, enabling a fast exchange of information. Decryption and decompression take place in the local network of the target destination or directly at the output medium.
Associated Sites in the Company Group Are Not Centrally Integrated In the Output Management System?
With the Enterprise Output Management solution from SEAL Systems, you can integrate all your desired locations into the central output system. This gives you a central overview of your entire system landscape, allows you to monitor all devices and jobs and to output standardized documents in a uniform manner. The generic SEAL Systems driver ensures the uniform output of documents.
Monitoring Your Output Devices Is Awkward and Time-Consuming?
You want a central cockpit with which all devices can be monitored and controlled? SEAL Systems enables administrators to clearly display and monitor all devices and their operating states in just one cockpit. In this system you can integrate the devices of all manufacturers, brands and models. No matter where the output devices or servers are located, you have an overview of all operating states and can eliminate faults directly without any search effort.

Output Management for SAP in the Context

Output Management for SAP is a part of the Enterprise Output Management System from SEAL Systems. This connects all applications with all output channels company-wide in only one system. It handles data preparation (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and control of output channels. It also offers broad functionality around all aspects of your print infrastructure and processes.

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SAP & SEAL Systems: A Valuable Partnership

SEAL Systems has been a partner of SAP for decades. As innovative software companies, we work together on future topics for the output and distribution of documents from the cloud.


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