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Success Stories

Our products and solutions are in use in over 1,500 companies worldwide. Read the following success stories to find out exactly how the projects between us and our customers work, what benefits these companies derive from our collaboration, and what different uses there are for our enterprise output solutions.
ABB Switzerland: Easy Management of Document Archives
At ABB Switzerland 800,000 personnel documents from ten different archives were combined into one archive and all documents were converted to the PDF/A-2b standard. Which solution from SEAL Systems has been used for this and which other additional advantages have resulted for ABB Switzerland, you can read in this success story!
Bauerfeind: 2D- and 3D-Conversion with the Enterprise Conversion Server
With the conversion solution, SEAL Systems enabled the German medical technology manufacturer Bauerfeind to release CAD documents digitally and thus significantly improved the work of users at Bauerfeind, from design to work preparation. Read the success story to learn about the requirements, challenges and outcome of this successful project.
CHUV: Archive of Patient Records – Conversion and Storage According PDF/A-ISO Standard
The European hospital center CHUV needed an application that would automatically convert all document workflows coming into the archiving system. With SEAL Systems this challenge was solved successfully and without any problems. Find out how this was achieved in this success story!
Diehl: Digital Signature Processes
Diehl Aviation uses the Qualified Electronic Signature in its SAP logistics and engineering processes. This case study shows how this could be integrated into the existing processes thanks to SEAL Systems. Read the whole Success Story!
HSE: Automatic Approval Processes for Siemens Teamcenter
Every process step in the aerospace industry must be recorded without gaps according to the principle of completeness. With the help of SEAL Systems, HS Elektronik Systeme, a supplier for the aerospace industry, was able to achieve a continuous paperless release of documents and drawings. Find out which of our solutions was actually used in this success story!
Koerber Pharma: Secure Sending of SAP Purchase Orders by E-mail
Learn how the order processes at Körber Pharma have been standardized and now a high level of security can be guaranteed when sending orders, how SEAL Systems was able to realize an SAP-integrated solution of independently running processes together with Cryptshare and what other advantages Körber Pharma benefits from this solution.
KSB: Print-on-Demand of operating instructions and type plates from SAP
An ideal solution architecture was designed from the SEAL Systems standard modules in close consultation with KSB. The disadvantages of the old system of storing finished operating manuals were eliminated and a print-on-demand process for operating manuals and declarations of conformity was introduced.
Lurgi: Automatic Generation of Very Large System Documentation
At Lurgi, a leading global technology company for process engineering and plant construction, the documentation of finished plants involved many manual processing steps. With the automated process from SEAL Systems, everything is now done faster - avoiding errors and in a uniform layout. Learn more about this in this success story!
Madix: Bundling Production Work Order Packages
With hundreds of thousands of jobs printed using SEAL Systems' output application, Madix has reduced the time it takes to create production job packages. Time saved per day per department: approximately 2.5 hours. Duration of the production process: 30 minutes, previously 3 hours. You too can benefit from our output management solution!
MANN+HUMMEL: Printer Consolidation and SAP Forms Analysis
MANN+HUMMEL, a leading global expert in filtration, wanted to break its dependence on printer manu­facturers and still be able to use existing SAP forms. This was achieved with output management software from SEAL Systems. This success story describes the challen­ges faced by MANN+HUMMEL during their printer consolidation. Request it and learn more.
MAQUET: Automatic Generation of Neutral Files from MS Office with Signature Page
Monitoring of all conversion processes directly from the SAP system, mapping of release processes by means of digital signatures, transfer of documents into the long-term format PDF/A. All this has been implemented by MAQUET, a major international manufacturer of medical devices, with the help of SEAL Systems!
Mobile Printing in the Beverage Industry
The proprietary solutions from tablet and smartphone providers quickly reach their limits in the business environment. We were therefore commissioned to enable document printing from devices running the Apple iOS and Goolge Android operating systems while meeting the diverse requirements of 500 field employees. Learn more!
Nebraska Public Power District: Plant Maintenance Orders Delivered with Document Attachments in SAP
Nebraska Public Power District is Nebraska’s largest electric utility. Thanks to SEAL Systems, Nebraska Public Power District was able to increase the efficiency of their operations and can focus more on its customers instead of worrying about printing documents. Learn more in this success story and benefit from our solution too!
ottobock: the User-friendly Instruction Manual
In this success story, you will read how ottobock established a process to be able to produce individual, product-specific instruc­tion manuals, how the costs for printing instruction manuals were significantly reduced, and how the possibility was created to produce instruction manuals on an order-bound basis in all languages ordered.
Plant Construction: Direct Publishing: Automated PDF Creation and PDF Quality Control
Save yourself the hassle, time and costs of laborious reworking! Read this success story to find out how a company from the plant engineering sector succeeded in automatically compiling tens of thousands of individual documents into a complete documentation with a uniform layout using our direct publishing solution.
Public Insurance Braunschweig: Enterprise Conversion Server
The Public Insurance Braunschweig is a regional financial service provider under public law. It was already using a small solution from SEAL Systems for converting PDF documents into the standardized TIFF archive format. This system was then to be extended to include the PDF/A format. How this was implemented, you can read in this success story!
Röchling: New Conversion Servers Worldwide
In this success story you you can read how Röchling managed to produce higher quality STEP files from the existing CAD systems, by using a high-performance conversion solution. In addition, you will learn how costs for maintenance and administration were significantly reduced at Röchling, and how Röchling produces interactive 3D-PDFs.
Sercel: Integrated Document Management, Collection and Distribution
You want to simplify and automate the exchange of data and information between the CAD and the SAP solution? It is possible! Thanks to SEAL Systems' solutions, Sercel has not only achieved this, but also optimized and secured the management, display and distribution of documents managed in SAP DMS.
SMS Siemag: Printer Management Made Easy!
At SMS Siemag around 400 output devices from a simple office printer to the newest generation of multifunction printers and large format plotters have to be administered. To reduce the high expenditure of time and the resulting costs, the IT department was tasked with finding a solution for efficient device adminis­tration covering multiple locations and systems. Learn more!
SwissOptic: Bill of Material with ECTR Integration
In this success story you will read about the challenges SwissOptic had to solve in the output of construction and material BOMs and how this output was simplified and automated by the material BOM resolution of SEAL Systems. In addition, you will learn the advantages of the ECTR integration and the further benefits SwissOptic has from this solution.
TSA: Intelligent SAP® PLM-Optimization
In this success story you can read which challenges Traktionssysteme Austria faced in the course of its optimization of SAP processes, how solutions from SEAL Systems made it possible to integrate documents from SAP DMS into various company processes and to adapt them optimally and how valuable controlled document management and approval can be in these processes.
VBM Medizintechnik: Traceable Label Printing with Flexible Design
With an output management solution from SEAL Systems integrated into the SAP system, VBM Medizintechnik GmbH - a worldwide acting company in the medical technology sector - was able to completely fulfill the requirements for label creation. How exactly the project was implemented, you can read in the success story!
Vestas Wind Systems: Automatic Distribution of Critical Information from SAP to External User Groups
In this success story you will read about how Vestas distributes all information directly and automatically, why a generic service for document distribution was implemented with SEAL Systems and Netcare Inter­national and how their tools are opening the way to S/4HANA and the cloud towards API and ODATA delivery.
Waters Corporation: Success with Document Distribution and Publishing
Waters Corporation utilizes SEAL Systems Document Services to enhance production of analytical instru­ments. In this success story we introduce some facts, information and methods for efficient document conversion and publishing processes. This solution avoids manually works during creation of operation manuals and documentation by using automatic procedures.
winkler: Change of all Print Processes to SAP HANA
In this success story, you will learn, among other things, how the standardization of printing processes and a high quality of output at winkler could be achieved with the output management system from SEAL Systems and how all configurations from the previous SAP application based on an AIX system could be transferred to SAP HANA.


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