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HR/Finance: Achieve Document Security

With more businesses moving processes online, keeping your company information secure is increasingly critical now than ever before, especially in departments like Finance and Human Resources. Therefore, companies must find ways to ensure document security both with communication inside and outside the company. Some solutions only provide a way to share information securely, but what if you could achieve both document security and streamline your current process with one application?

SEAL Systems can help you eliminate stress by securing your communication and aiding in the automatic collection and distribution of your documents.

Our solutions for Enhanced Document Distribution, End-to-End Encryption, Stamps and Signature Capture, and Secure & Pickup Printing protects your communication by providing additional control – even after the documents have left your inbox.

Enhanced Document Distribution

When sending out sensitive information via email, it can be stressful to make sure all correct and complete information has been collected. There is also added uncertainty to ensure the right person is receiving the information you are sending.

Achieve End-to-End Encryption with a Streamlined Process

By combining forces with our partners, like Cryptshare, our innovative solutions help you achieve total security by providing end-to-end encryption . Our solutions can also automatically collect all necessary documents – no matter the file type or the file location. With one click, you can easily collect all the information you need!

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See how we helped Körber Pharma to send encrypted purchase orders and additional documents directly from SAP.

Support Your Documents with Stamps and Signatures

The enhancement of documents with stamps or signatures is not generally possible within SAP. However, for many companies, stamps and signatures are a requirement. Our add-ons provide stamps and signature capture automatically. So, easily integrate stamps and signatures with SEAL Systems! Learn more!

Secure & PickUp Printing

When printing sensitive information on a shared printer, there is always the worry that someone else might pick up the document you printed. Other than running immediately to the printer after clicking “print,” this is another way you can ensure that this does not happen.

Enhance Your Printing Processes by Making Them More Secure!

Our solution Secure & PickUp Printing makes your printing process more streamlined and secure because it adds an extra level of protection. With Secure & PickUp Printing, print jobs wait patiently in a queue until you are ready to go to the printer. This way, documents never sit at the printer waiting for you to retrieve them – they are printed when you’re ready!


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