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Enterprise Out‍put Management

What is Output Management?

The distribution and provision of physical or electronic documents and information is probably one of the most important core processes in companies. This is precisely what output management, also known as enterprise output management, is all about. Or to put it more concretely:

“We use the term output management to refer to all requirements and problems relating to the company-wide distribution of documents and information.”

Do not leave this process to chance! With the central output management system from SEAL Systems you create security and efficiency for your company.

Advantages of
Output Manage‍ment Software

Optimization of the Entire Document Distribution

An output management system can do more than simplify, stabilize and accelerate the overall printing processes in the company. It can play a critical role in optimizing entire business processes related to document distribution and output.

Reduction of IT Complexity

Our output management system handles all printing-related tasks that previously had to be performed via a network of individual solutions, vendor-specific products and self-programmed solutions.

Support for Your Support

Modules for device and driver administration, as well as for device and job monitoring, revolutionize the work of your administrators and helpdesk staff in the printing environment. Significant savings and more efficient work in support cases are guaranteed.

High Availability of Crucial Output Processes and Devices

Our system is based on the “cloud native” approach and can be operated as a cluster to ensure permanent high availability of all critical output processes and devices.


Do you have sensitive data and documents that are not sufficiently secured for transmission? Integrated encryption and compression mechanisms in the output management system protect your data from unlawful access from outside, but also within your company network.

Support of Green IT

Electronic distribution, cost- and consumption-specific printer configurations, and Secure & PickUp Printing significantly reduce company-wide paper consumption. Successful printer management enables optimal utilization of your device fleet.

Independence from Hardware Manufacturers

You can use all the benefits and functions already mentioned regardless of the models and manufacturers of your equipment fleet. Reduce stand-alone solutions and binding to expensive exclusive contracts with device manufacturers and protect your investments.

Fail-safe Spooling

With our output management system, you benefit from fail-safe spooling. Print jobs are collected, prepared and loaded for print output at a later time. In this way, several print jobs can be processed one after the other.

How Does Enterprise Output Management Work?

Enterprise Output Management from SEAL Systems connects all applications with all output channels. It processes all data formats from all enterprise applications (SAP, Windows® and Office, Citrix, terminal servers, PLM and CAD, smartphones and tablets, web applications, digital archives and DMS) and ensures smooth, optimally controlled output on all output channels. It also offers broad functionality around all aspects of your print infrastructure and processes.

Output Management Software from SEAL Systems: PLOSSYS®

Our output management engine PLOSSYS is the central element and the technical basis of our output management solutions. PLOSSYS optimally solves all requirements for company-wide printing and distribution of documents and information.

Functionalities & Solutions

Print Client

The SEAL Print Client is a web-based job submission tool that allows your users to send print jobs of any kind to the output management from their workstation or on the road.

You can use documents from various storage locations (such as desktop, file server, SAP repository) and systems (CAD, PLM, PDM, ECM) without having to roll out additional software. Output is possible for many directly printable graphic formats such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG. However, with additional options, office or drawing formats can also be converted on the fly for output and commissioned for printing.

The Print Client is also part of a whole family of client tools that SEAL Systems offers on the same technical platform. These can be combined with the Print Client to form an integrated, web-based tool. This allows jobs to be sent to the individual SEAL Systems tools and their results to be processed immediately in the next job – without having to transfer files multiple times. Since it is an open platform, other existing systems (such as DMS, ECM, PLM, etc.) from third party vendors can also be connected to the platform to support your specific processes.

For more information on the Print Client, see our Factsheet:

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Printer Management

With SEAL Systems printer management (easyPRIMA), all connected output systems are maintained in a central database.

The use of easyPRIMA reduces the average time required by administrators to set up, change or delete an output device in any number of systems from 4-8 hours to 5-15 minutes per device.

More information on Printer Management is available at:

Printer Management

Administration + Monitoring

Monitoring and transparency of your company-wide document and information distribution resembles a black hole? Controlling output devices and their operating states is cumbersome and time-consuming? You want a central application with which all jobs and devices can be monitored and controlled?

SEAL Systems enables administrators to clearly display and monitor all output jobs, devices and their operating states in only one cockpit.

Secure & PickUp Printing

Secure + PickUp Printing is an output method that does not immediately print the documents on the selected printer. Instead, they are held back until the user identifies themselves at the printer and authorizes the output.

In this way, you reduce your printing costs because only what your employees actually need and pick up is printed. Above all, you also benefit from increased security in the printing process – confidential documents are not accidentally left unattended in the printer, and transmission from the client to the printer is completely encrypted.

More information on our solutions for Secure & PickUp Printing is available at:

PickUp Printing

Integrated Conversion

Our output management engine accepts the generic data from SAP or Windows and the documents from the DMS and PLM solutions or from the mobile clients, generates PDF or PDF/A if electronic distribution is required or generates the correct printer code if paper is needed.

Of course, one can have the point of view that the channel-specific preparation of the data cannot be the task of the “switchboard”, but that the data must already come appropriately prepared from the applications. However, this is precisely what gives rise to the complexity and error-proneness in the output processes, which can be reduced significantly by our approach.

If you would like to learn more about our conversion expertise, click here:

Enterprise Conversion Solutions

Forms Management

We offer you all form services from a single source, from form consulting, development and design to company-wide distribution. Together with our partners MINDFORMS and Cartago Software, we create targeted and individual document processes for your company.

For more information on forms management, click here:

Forms Management

Rule-based Job Distribution

With our rule manager RUMAN (RUles MANager), your rules are mapped without the need for a developer every time a rule is adapted. On the contrary! Users and system administrators can very easily create and change the rules themselves.

You want to determine to which printer you output, whether you print duplex or simplex, color or black and white? Already you have assigned rules for printing. Wait a minute, these are just output parameters that are set, right? That’s right, not much else happens in rule-based printing. Typically, these parameters are defined directly by the user when the printing process is triggered.

But what if you are dealing with applications (SAP, host printing, in-house developed solutions) that do not offer such a dialog? Or if you as a company want to override settings of your users to save money (e.g. duplex printing for all) or to increase security? Here our rule-based job distribution supports you!

Accounting + Controlling

Who printed what, when, where, from which application, and how? The Output Management Engine from SEAL Systems logs all important information about a printing process.

When did a job arrive in the system? Where did it come from? Who triggered the output? How was it processed in the Output Management System? How long did it take? When was the job printed? With which output parameters?

All this information can be exported to accounting files. Of course, you decide which information is important to you. Only this information will then be logged. The information is provided in a CSV file, which makes it very easy to prepare and display using EXCEL or business analytics applications. This way you know exactly where, when and how much is printed and can optimize your printer fleet (distribute the right printers to the right places). In this way, you contribute to sustainability in your company, because processes are adjusted based on the right information.

How can the persons, who are responsible for the IT infrastructure save a lot of time and money around enterprise-wide printing?

Enterprise Output Management

from SEAL Systems

Our Solution Portfolio in the Area of Output Management

Our versatile output management solutions cover all your document and information distribution and delivery needs:
Digital Distribution
Cloud Printing
Mobile Printing
Secure & PickUp Printing
Printer Management
Forms Management
SAP Dokument
Output Management for SAP
SAP Dokument
Output Management for Windows

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Who Needs Enterprise Output Management?

All companies and institutions that want to create efficiency and security in their output infrastructure and reduce printing costs should look at output management.

It can also be an interesting topic for all service and system providers that want to offer their customers a centrally controllable and monitorable as well as customized output management landscape.

In addition, all those responsible for IT infrastructures should also feel addressed, who would finally like to invest less time in administration, troubleshooting and error correction.

And last but not least, output management is useful for all users: because printing should always be simple and must work!

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