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Every day, countless office or CAD files are generated in every company. Paper is scanned, e-mails and faxes arrive. All these files are part of important business processes and should therefore not be just “any files”.

These files and documents must often conform to standards, both in structure and appearance. For example, the PDF/A file standard is often required for long-term archiving. The appearance of the files usually determines your corporate design, for example as standards for headers and footers, logos, page numbers, bookmarks etc.

Files that have not been created digitally are often processed with character recognition (OCR) and thus enriched with searchable text. Or you may need to digitally sign your files to prove their immutability.

There are many steps that files and documents take on their way through the company. For this, we work with you to plan a conversion solution that automates your conversion scenarios and optimizes them according to your needs.

Our Conversion Solutions

Our document conversion portfolio covers a wide range of possible conversion scenarios in the enterprise. Whether you want to convert your files from the CAD system to enable exchange with other users and external parties or whether you want to convert your documents automatically to PDF/A to make them fit for long-term archiving – SEAL Systems maps all conversion workflows exactly as you need it. For this we combine only those modules that provide you with the greatest added value:

Automatic Conversion
Automatic Documentation
for SAP
Stamp & Watermark
Optical Character
Recognition (OCR)
Digital Signature/ Digital Seal

The Advantages of Conversion Solutions

Easier Collaboration Across Teams
It’s often small interruptions in everyday work: an employee from the design department wants to talk to a colleague about a design. Unfortunately, only one of them has an appropriate CAD license and so they have to be creative. Is it better to print out the CAD model? Or is the better way to discuss the design via screen sharing or directly at their desk? Such and similar cases are probably familiar to every employee in larger companies. Make it easier for your teams to collaborate and ensure that your most important documents and files are available as a common exchange format!
Consistent Transparency
Our conversion solutions offer you end-to-end job tracking across all process steps. This not only makes it easy for you to identify sources of error, but also reduces your helpdesk costs. And speaking of costs: Thanks to central accounting, you have absolute control over your expenses!
Secure Long-term Archiving
Some companies have archiving periods of up to 100 years dur to legal regulations. With the conversion of your documents to PDF/A, this is no longer a problem! The ISO standard guarantees long-term reproducibility. 3D formats are also ISO standardised and can be generated by us: 3D PDF, STEP, JT.
Protection of Corporate Information
Use our converters to generate PDF/A documents to obtain a format that complies with the ISO standard and is suitable for long-term archiving. But it’s not just the format itself that protects your corporate information. Central control and monitoring tools ensure that you always know which document was processed how, when and where. And on the way to the desired format, your documents are processed on a fail-safe server with failover concepts and load balancing support.
Secure Release Processes

Every company has certain approval processes. In order to implement them securely and standardized, preferably even automated, a corresponding technical basis is required. SEAL Systems can create this basis for your processes! With our solution for stamps and watermarks your employees can see at a glance whether it is a released document or not and who released the document and when. Furthermore, in the SAP environment, we can also visibly apply metadata from SAP on your documents.

With our digital signature solution, you get a similar effect. Rely on qualified signature, seal and time stamp solutions to digitize your signature processes and thus implement approval processes efficiently and save time.

Which Formats Can Be Converted?

Formats3D PDF3D Export2D ExportPrintPDF/A
MS Wordxx
MS Excelxx
MS Powerpointxx
MS Visioxx
MS Projectxx
MS Outlookxx
Catia V5xxxxx
Solid Edgexxxxx

Additional Functions for Every Application

Conversion for Teamcenter

The conversion of your documents to PDF or even TIFF is a frequently used standard functionality of our document management system for Siemens PLM Teamcenter. If you want to use it to process or convert other graphic, Office and CAD formats, SEAL Systems offers a variety of application converters that can automatically generate 2D and 3D neutral data formats.

The conversions are ordered automatically or manually via the Teamcenter integration (batch process, per templates) and transferred to an external conversion server from SEAL Systems. There, the high-performance asynchronous conversion into neutral formats takes place. In this step, control information and layers or drawing blocks can be automatically exchanged or supplemented. The conversion jobs can be monitored directly in Teamcenter at any time. To do this, you can start our DPF Tracker in Teamcenter and track the status of the conversion jobs.

Conversion by E-Mail

Request the conversion of your documents simply by e-mail! Dealing with email is an indispensable part of daily work in a company. What could be more obvious than to use this interface, which is familiar to employees, also for the automation of business processes? SEAL Systems makes it possible!

You receive files from customers and suppliers via email and want to standardize and file them? Then it’s easy for you now! Forward these mails to special Exchange mailboxes. The conversion jobs are then automatically generated by the incoming mails.

You want to get a reply mail back with the result?
This is also possible! The result of your conversion job can be sent back by e-mail to the sender or to a preconfigured address. Your employees thus have a central conversion service at their disposal. Of course, it is also possible to send only a success or error message to the recipient if the result is to be processed further automatically right away.

Conversion via Web Service
SEAL Systems has solutions for the conversion of many file and application formats. The technical basis for all processes is the SEAL Systems DPF technology (Digital Process Factory). There is a web service interface for this.

The web service enables operating system-independent job submission. Conversion processes can thus be called up and used from any application, from any location and from any operating system environment. This enables the integration of the conversion solution into almost any IT environment. The web services are based on service-oriented architecture (SOA). The interfaces of the web services are fully described via WSDL.


Let’s assume you are in the citizens’ office and need a new passport. You draw a number and sit down in the waiting room. A display board tells you which number is next. Time flies. Finally, you go to the bookstore next door and browse around a bit. When you come back to the waiting room of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, your number was already up. Tough luck. Or to put it briefly: In the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, you have to take care of your “job” yourself and constantly watch out when it’s your turn.

This system works a little better if you want to go out for a meal, for example. In some self-service restaurants or beer gardens, you get a pager that flashes and vibrates as soon as your food is ready. So you can move around freely while you wait. So here, the service provider takes care of your order.

Our callback service works in a very similar way.

If you are not working with a system integration (SAP, Teamcenter), the sender of the conversion job must remember what jobs he has commissioned. Our Digital Process Factory (DPF), which controls and monitors the conversion processes, returns a number to him for this purpose. The sender then hears nothing more about his order unless he actively asks: “Is my order with the number 4711 ready yet?” – “No.” – “Ok, then I’ll ask again in a minute.” This puts a burden on the conversion server and all senders have to keep lists of consignment numbers.

The alternative is our callback service. Our server calls the callback function automatically and informs you about the finished result. Especially if senders like to use web services to send orders, this function is very valuable.

The Heart of Our Conversion Solutions – The Enterprise Conversion Server

Our powerful conversion engine – the Enterprise Conversion Server – meets all file conversion requirements. Centralize your enterprise-wide conversion processes! This way you make the most of your investment, benefit from the central configuration of all conversions and can handle complex conversion scenarios.


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