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Output of SAP purchase orders with additional documents – a comparison of the SAP standard with the SEAL Systems solution

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    Do you work with purchase orders in your SAP system? Then you are probably familiar with the problem that SAP only outputs the purchase order to the supplier by default. However, this is often not enough – additional documents such as material, supplier or batch documents should also be sent to the supplier. Finding all of these documents, which may even be stored in different locations, is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

    With its SAP Process Printing solution, SEAL Systems helps to streamline and speed up the process.


    How do the steps in the SAP standard and the SEAL Systems solution differ?


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    Find out more about the solution that enables you to find additional documents at the touch of a button and send them with your order:


    Find out how this solution works in practice in the success story with our customer Körber Pharma. With the help of the solution, the technology group with around 13,000 employees was able to standardize its ordering processes and guarantee security in the ordering process.


    You are also welcome to send us a message directly if you would like more information about our solution. We look forward to your inquiry!