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Technological Innovation at Topdanmark: New Imple­mentation of IBM z16 and PLOSSYS® Output Engine

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    Background and Implementation

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    Topdanmark A/S, a leading Danish insurance company, has recently undergone a significant IT transformation by integrating the IBM z16 mainframe into their Ballerup data center. This strategic acquisition, completed in a remark­ably short period of 10 weeks, far exceeds industry expectations, typically spanning over a year. This move is a testament to Topdanmark’s commitment to technological innovation and efficiency.


    SEAL Systems and Pull Print System Integration

    Subsequent to the mainframe installation, SEAL Systems was commissioned to implement their advanced pull print system on the IBM z16. This state-of-the-art system is designed to optimize distributed printing and transform mainframe printing outputs into pull printable formats. A crucial aspect of this enhancement is the bolstered security and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enabling secure and regulated printing across Topdanmark’s expansive network.


    Incorporating Technical Base with PLOSSYS® Output Engine

    The integration of PLOSSYS® Output Engine, SEAL Systems’ modern microservice-based Enterprise Output Manage­ment Engine, with the IBM z16, renowned for its robust security and efficient processing, has led to a sevenfold increase in output speed, compared to the former solution of Topdanmark. This significant enhancement not only streamlines processing but also cuts down on operational time and costs, propelling Topdanmark towards a more efficient, reliable, and scalable output management system.


    Conclusion and Future Outlook

    The fusion of Topdanmark’s new IBM z16 mainframe with SEAL Systems’ advanced pull print technology exemplifies a pioneering approach in IT infrastructure and data management. It underscores the company’s dedication to meeting modern standards of security and efficiency, showcasing the synergy of combining sophisticated solutions from SEAL Systems and IBM to cater to the complex requirements of contemporary enterprise environments.

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