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Paperless Production

Paperless – or Digital – Production Makes Your Manufacturing Processes Safer, More Up-to-date and Faster!

The digital revolution is already taking hold in many industries – including manufacturing. With Paperless Manufacturing for SAP, SEAL Systems supports production companies on their way out of the paper flood and towards digital – or paperless – processes. This conversion avoids media breaks and makes the processes in your plant faster, more up-to-date and more secure.

Digitize production: launch into the age of Industry 4.0!

Conventional work with paper causes many disadvantages. One of these is that the information on the paper is not up to date, because as soon as paper is printed, the information on it may already be out of date. Likewise, notes made on paper have to be manually transferred to SAP if necessary.

Today, tablets, smartphones or PCs provide completely different possibilities in production. Our digital manufacturing application takes advantage of these possibilities: in the future, your employees will receive all current order data and documents on their HTML-enabled devices.

In addition, our solution also directly captures relevant information such as feedback of the working time, number of parts or confirmation of inspection criteria.


How Does Paperless Manufacturing Work from a User’s Perspective?

SEAL Systems explains:

Paperless Manufacturing from the User’s Point of View

The Advantages of Our Factory Management System at a Glance:

Quick and Uncomplicated Provision of Important Information/Documents
Up-to-date Documents
Feedback of Working Hours
Optimal Information Flow
High Data Quality & Transparency About the Production Process
Saving of Paper, Time and Personnel Input
Convenient Display of Different Document Formats
Possibility to Create Customer Specific Extensions

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We Guarantee a Trouble-free Integration into Your SAP Landscape!

With Paperless Manufacturing for SAP, SEAL Systems emulates the advantages of paper through state-of-the-art technologies and compensates for its disadvantages. This creates significant added value for your manufacturing processes.

Your workers benefit from visual assembly aids such as images, videos, 3D PDFs and work instructions. They get all the information relevant to them at a glance at any time!

Screenshot - Paperless Production Operation view

Screenshot - Paperless Production Responses

Screenshot - Paperless Production Q Message

Screenshot - Paperless Production Checks During Production

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Papierlose Fertigung - Screenshot aus Software 5


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