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Controlled electronic file distribution in Siemens PLM Teamcenter

Automated, pre-defined distribution orders

Controlled electronic file distribution in Siemens PLM Teamcenter

gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Document DistributionLarge projects need a regulated and traceable exchange of information and documents.


It’s easy with the Document Distribution Platform from SEAL Systems.

How does it work?

ordner2-268x300 Document DistributionWith our Teamcenter integration Document Distribution Platform (DDP4TC), distribution orders pre-defined in a template can be carried out automatically. Such an order compiles rules-based documents for delivery to particular recipient groups, carries out format conversions, created tables of contents from the data to be distributed, and bundles it all together in a delivery package.

In which formats can electronic deliveries be made? elvis_ausrufezeichen-161x300 Document Distribution

Dependent on the distributer (customer or supplier project groups), electronic file distribution can be carried out as you wish. Whether by e-mail and zip files, FTP access, web portals or printed on paper – the many ways to carry out distribution can be adapted to your processes. SEAL Systems has corresponding modules available. The recipient’s confirmation that the document package has been received is stored as proof and response in Teamcenter. This way, your file distribution processes will be transparent, replicable and traceable from their source to their recipients. All these processes and functions are supported in our Document Distribution Platform (DDP4TC) document management system in Teamcenter, and broadly automated.

Lots of advantages for you!

  • Full Integration in Teamcenter
  • In Teamcenter, documents are compiled automatically – over structures and objects – or gathered interactively and compiled in delivery packages (transmittals).
  • Interactive or batch/workflow-based job resolution
  • Definition and control of all order parameters directly in Teamcenter.
  • Reusable templates make compilation of delivery packages easier.
  • Automatic distribution to diverse recipient groups:
    –E-mail distribution, storage on FTP server or web portal (browser access)
    –Offline storage: Shared folder, mobile devices, CDs/DVDs
    –Print output from desired printers and plotters
  • Prior conversion of all native file formats, e.g. Office and CAD formats to PDF, PDF/A, 3D PDF, SecurePDF, TIFF, etc.
  • Protocol and storage of created delivery packages (document packages – transmittals) directly in Teamcenter
  • Delivery of complete or differential packages (Delta replication)
  • Document Delivery confirmation and recipient feedback reports directly in Teamcenter

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