Identify inactive forms in SAP

by Gert Oehler

SAP systems contain many forms. Not all of them are actually still in use. The SAP form analysis from SEAL Systems identifies inactive forms at the touch of a button.

Instead of deleting old forms, many companies leave them in the SAP system. For no reason, old versions of forms are adapted to new drivers or tested in system updates and modified if necessary. In particular, companies that want to centralize or optimize their output processes and customize the form output independently of devices cannot avoid taking stock.

It must be made clear which forms are used, when and how often they are issued, which output devices and methods are used and who initiates the output. It is often a real challenge to sift out all the forms to which employees have direct access.

SAP-Spool-Analyse Identify inactive forms in SAP

The SAP form analysis from SEAL Systems provides a solution to this and provides an efficient way to quickly identify and then deactivate unused forms. It identifies which forms are used in the SAP, and by who, how often, and on which printer. The form data is saved in a table. Its current status can be evaluated at any time by way of a transaction.

This analysis is especially worthwhile if many forms are present and there is a pending SAP release change. The analysis clearly shows which forms must be tested and continue to be maintained after the release change. It is also useful when a large-scale replacement of the printer fleet is imminent. Then it is important to know what forms must be converted to the new printer.

In order to perform the SAP form analysis, a small upgrade in the SAP system is sufficient and will be activated for the individual relevant form processes SapScript, SmartForms or IFbA. This upgrade must be active for a sufficient amount of time in SAP in order to process those forms which are not used daily. It is available for current SAP ERP 6.0 release classes. In the SAP form analysis from SEAL Systems, form data is saved in a table. The current status can be evaluated at any time by way of a transaction.


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