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What’s Driving the Popularity of RISE with SAP?

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    Companies of all sizes have been opting for RISE with SAP to help them pull ahead of their competition. RISE is an add-on software bundle that enables businesses to take advantage of recent SAP and SAP partner offerings at a fair price – putting ongoing digital transformation within reach for any business owner.

    Digital Transformation is Here to Stay

    Digital transformation spending is projected to hit $1.8 trillion this year and $2.8 trillion by 2025, indicating that companies will continue the trend of advancing their technology and moving it to the digital space. As a result, IT teams, business leaders, and executives across industries are beginning to realize that digital transformation will never be a single project with one outcome. It will be an ongoing effort of simplifying processes and unifying systems — leading them to consider ways to execute their continued digital transformation efficiently.

    SAP identified this trend and conveniently packaged many of its services to help businesses transform faster and with fewer headaches. RISE with SAP allows for the integration of many solutions without having to deal with separate vendors, data disparities, high governance costs, periodic patching, lost business due to migration, and onboarding.

    SAP and its RISE offerings are also consistently updated to remain at the cutting edge of electronic business operations. In addition to SAP’s traditional holistic service-level agreement, technical support, and cloud operations, RISE customers also have access to:

    • Cloud ERP for virtually every business need
    • Business process intelligence
    • Industry-best practices and extensibility
    • Outcome-driven services from SAP and partners
    • Business platform and analytics

    Pitney Bowes Inc., EisnerAmper, and Global Foundries INC., along with hundreds of other companies, chose RISE with SAP to simplify their processes, increase agility, and prepare for future growth in 2022. The bundle has become so popular across North America because it gives organizations the opportunity to control costs while receiving the most advanced applications to innovate and gain insights.

    RISE with SAP – Innovation

    RISE with SAP allows companies to easily test new processes. For example, a wide variety of customer pricing and ordering structures are already available, so you can implement a use-based subscription plan for customers with no coding. The entire system functions in a connective manner, making it easy to conjoin customer touchpoints and streamline the customer journey in the ways customers are looking for today.

    RISE with SAP – Insights

    Retrieve data and KPIs that you may never have thought about in the past. The system integration gives you single pane access to data and processes across your systems through the central process management platform. Slice and dice data in many ways to realize new ways to optimize. For instance, a business owner can assess vendor metrics to pick the most carbon-neutral vendors and reduce their own carbon footprint.

    Learn More About RISE with SAP

    This comprehensive cloud-integrated solution makes it simple to be proactive about improving processes, increasing agility, offering omnichannel experiences, staying on top of social responsibility, increasing profit margins, reducing revenue leaks, and much more.

    If you are wondering about the best ways to be prepared for what the holds, SEAL Systems can help. Contact us today for more information about how RISE with SAP solutions can help you.