Corporate Output Management – Sustainably Lower Your Company’s Printing Costs

by Gert Oehler

multifunktionsdrucker-262x300 Corporate Output Management – Sustainably Lower Your Company’s Printing Costs

Many MPS providers consider fleet management to be the non plus ultra in the efficient reduction of business printing costs. But over 70 percent of potential printing cost savings are hidden behind automated business processes or in a print infrastructure which can be optimized. Businesses can use corporate output management solutions to see savings in six figures annually.

When it comes to a company’s print infrastructure, the related personnel resources have to be taken into account as cost factors, along with the costs for hardware and software. Above all, one shouldn’t underestimate the care and maintenance of machines with different, dispersed system environments and their set-up, modifications and cancellation, which often prove just as time-consuming, inefficient and problematic as the continuous synchronization of all machines and system partners. That kind of time expenditure means higher costs. Many businesses, therefore, seek solutions for a more efficient administration of their machines.

One option is to solve problems cost-efficiently from the software side in the print spool instead of fitting printers with hardware components, e.g. for bar code printing or Unicode processing. Here a software tool may be up against several hundred Dimm modules to be installed.

Optimizing the print driver ensures cost savings

sparsamkeit-300x240 Corporate Output Management – Sustainably Lower Your Company’s Printing Costs

But optimizing the print driver can especially lead to immense savings potential. In a diverse printer environment, many drivers must be kept in stock, organized and managed. With the philosophy of the generic print driver, i.e. the deployment of one single print driver to control all printers in a company, these management costs are significantly reduced. Printers can be swapped relatively easily and without causing interference. The user is briefed automatically of the change. Moreover, the generic print driver ensures that every spool is issued identically to each printer. This functions not only in the normal Windows print environment, but also in a Citrix environment and for the output of forms or lists, for example from SAP.

It’s in an SAP environment where costs here can be most significantly lowered. Since the form and list output is very closely tied to the print driver in normal Windows spool environments, often very costly adjustments must be carried out to the print programs when replacing the fleet of machines. A generic driver approach guarantees that all forms really are issued identically to all printers of different manufacturers.

Centralized printer management brings further optimizing potential

Furthermore, a centralized printer management simplifies the distribution of printers in different spool environments. The printers must no longer be set up individually in the various print servers or SAP systems, but rather centrally set up and distributed automatically in all connected spool systems. Here one can use rules to define characteristics in the printer distribution. Through these optimization measures, a company with a fleet of 500 printers can very quickly save over 100,000 Euros annually!

Do you have questions regarding the optimization of your printer infrastructure? We are here to help you!


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