Factsheet: Windows® Printing Kit and Master Driver

by André Schnibbe

Many companies are about to migrate to Windows 10 because Microsoft has decided to discontinue the Windows 7 operating system – effective January 14, 2020. The installation of the new client systems is planned by IT departments and concluded with a software rollout. As an additional benefit, companies can use this update to also simplify their printing infrastructure significantly.

This can be achieved with:

• Installing only a generic printer driver on the client systems
• Replacing Windows print servers with a central printing service (PLOSSYS)
• On-premise server solutions that are completely dispensed with, and when cloud printing is used

mann_gluehbirne-184x300 Factsheet: Windows® Printing Kit and Master Driver

Our software solution includes tools to implement a complete user self-service. The universal SEAL Master Driver is the basis which makes it possible to print on any printer independent of the manufacturer. The Add Printer Wizard offers the client user the possibility to add only printers approved for the worker. With the SEAL Info Client, all print jobs are visualized to the user for easy traceability. The user quickly finds his way around and can independently make many basic settings within the approved framework, thus significantly relieving the IT infrastructure and the first-level support.

In addition, future requirements are also considered and already implemented. For example, how can you print across network boundaries if the printer cannot be reached in your own WAN? These challenges cannot be mastered with standard solutions because the secure print output from public cloud applications cannot be achieved.

Interested in learning how to print quickly and easily from Windows, Citrix, or Terminal Server environments? Read our new factsheet to learn the answer – download it free below.



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