How can I link Business Document Services (BDS) documents in SAP through Object Services?

by Frank Reuter

Some days ago we showed you how to link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP over Object Services with a business object. The second way, linking documents to Object Services, is through what are called Business Document Services (BDS) documents. Today we’ll show you how that works.

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2018 Manufacturing Trends

by Debra Garls

Mike Hoffler goes over the top 5 manufacturing trends of 2018!

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Link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP through Object Services

by Frank Reuter

In this article we’ll show you how to link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP over Object Services with a business object.

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Join Us February 4-7 at SOLIDWORKS World

by Debra Garls

For the past 20 years, SOLIDWORKS® World has provided an opportunity for the true diehards in the SOLIDWORKS Community to meet face to face and this year is no different. At the largest gathering of mechanical engineers, industry leaders, and partners, we’ll join together to share stories, explore new ideas, and learn about the latest trends impacting 3D design.

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Safe, Secure, Reliable Document Package Distribution from Teamcenter PLM

by Alex Hanga

In the fast-paced world of 21st century manufacturing, companies are looking to be more nimble than ever. They need to react at a moment’s notice and be sure the information they disseminate is accurate, secure and delivered to the proper people and of course delivered on time. Product Lifecycle Management solutions such as Teamcenter have helped vastly in making sure the information is accurate, but it can be a very time-consuming process in many instances arranging, packaging and delivering sensitive documentation to Customers, Vendors, Partners and Regulatory Authorities.

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Automated Attachment of Supporting Documents to SAP Business Processes

by Adalbert Nübling

Many businesses use SAP to control their  processes, because this enables them to plan and administer virtually all business processes. Depending on the company, further supporting documents - such as drawings, terms and conditions, checklists – which are often administered in a separate data resource, are required in addition to the actual SAP forms.

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Happy Holiday Season

by David Salamanek

Thank you, 2017 was a great year!

As the year draws to a close, and everyone rushes to put the finishing touches on the last of the projects, we would like to take a moment and share how much we appreciate our customers, staff and partners and what they bring to our world.

The past year has been one of the most active and interesting in recent memory.  SEAL has engaged in work with over 300 new and existing projects from our customers.  From creating new ways to procure and view 3D data on the SAP and various PLM platforms, to working with digital applications in mobility, through complexities in compliance requirements for EAR, DFARS, FAA, FDA and more, this truly has been a wild ride. Thank you!

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Support-Service until January 7, 2018

by Thorsten Zwicker

Please consider the availability of the SEAL Systems support during the turn of the year. Between 27.12.2017 including 7.1.2018 some SEAL Systems employees are on Christmas holiday. Nevertheless there will be a technical contact person on the working days (not on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve) for important questions. If you consider to make larger adaptions on your software or hardware systems please inform your SEAL Systems technical contact person before.

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Recipe for Success – Paperless Production

by Debra Garls

Paperless production means that companies move toward the goal of eliminating all paper from their processes and convert to an all-digital environment. This means using a system to keep track of the things you would normally store in a filing cabinet or folder, like vendor information, documentation, user manuals, time sheets, work orders, reports... the list goes on and on.

People’s perception of what constitutes the paperless shop floor may vary from individual to individual and indeed from company to company, but if you are looking to get all the benefits from going ‘paperless’ it needs to be much more than displaying documents that were formerly printed and held on the shop floor.

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News from S/4HANA and SEAL Systems

by André Schnibbe

At the end of 2016 we reported about our project for the migration of our solutions to S/4HANA. In the meantime, most of these planned projects have been completed and the initial installations with customers are productive so that today we can inform you about the current status. In doing so, we will be looking at the adaptation of SEAL System solutions for S/4HANA, certification of this solution through SAP and our initial experience from customer projects.

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