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The Rise of Digital Transformation

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    In a little over a year, COVID-19 has impacted how we do business, especially when it comes to digital initiatives. According to a global survey of executives, because of COVID-19, companies accelerated the digitalization of their supply chain, customer interactions, and internal operations by three to four years. These digital initiatives are not slowing down. Instead, funding for digital solutions has increased more than anything else because to stay competitive in this new environment, new global practices are needed.

    The Quantum Leap of Digital Adoption

    Digital transformation has long been on many business’ roadmaps. However, because digital solutions were more of a goal, it was sometimes pushed for more high-priority initiatives. The past year changed that with the sudden rise of work from home. Now, with nearly 40% of workers contemplating quitting if their bosses make them go to the office full time, the move to digital platforms has become a necessity.

    It’s Personal

    At SEAL Systems, we had our own digital transformation. At the beginning of last year, we were in the process of transforming many of our in-person processes to digital. However, even though we had digital collaboration tools, we also relied on stopping by people’s desks whenever we had a question or idea. The rest of 2020 and 2021 expediated our own digital journey and moved our collaboration completely online. As an added benefit, our focus on digital solutions also allowed us to re-evaluate our own processes to see how we could better streamline interaction and information exchange.

    Pivot! With Digital Solutions & Its Advantages

    Besides being a competitive advantage and helping companies to pivot faster, digital transformation also helps with so much more. Below are some additional advantages you can expect with the implementation of digital solutions:

    • Efficiency: automate your manual workflow
    • Security: achieve end-to-end encryption with your communication
    • Agility: utilize data-driven insights to understand your production process better

    In addition to the advantages above, digital solutions connect a company – no matter your location!

    The Rise of Digital Transformation – Adapting to a Digital World

    Making any change to a current process is stressful. It can also feel easier to continue with the current way of doing things. But easier is not always better. From our own experience with digital solutions and seeing how our digital applications have helped our customers, digital solutions can transform your business for the better. For example, by utilizing one of our digital applications – Document Distribution – one of our customers was able to streamline their work so that a two-week process now takes less than an hour. Read more about how we were able to help by downloading the success stroy below.

    Success Story: Success with Document Distribution and Publishing

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