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Plant Maintenance: The Importance of Getting Your Techs the Info They Need

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    Dynamic information is vital in plant maintenance. It ensures that technicians have all the information they need to do their job correctly and, more importantly, safely. Therefore, the task of assembling work orders for plant maintenance is a critical job that, done correctly, keeps employees out of harm’s way. How can you make sure you are getting your technicians the information they need? Read on to find out!

    Plant Maintenance Work Orders

    Work orders are like the conductors of plant maintenance. They show technicians what to do, tell them when to do it, and lead them through the steps effortlessly. Without a complete work order, steps can be missed, people can get injured, the plant can go out of rhythm, and so on. So, getting your technicians the information they need is imperative for your plant’s success.

    Does This Sound Familiar?

    The process of plant maintenance work orders begins with the Maintenance Planner. The planner’s job is to compile all the correct plant maintenance information for their technicians. This task is easier said than done because the Maintenance Planner has to manually …

    1. Hunt down all the documents linked to the maintenance order
    2. Print or save every document separately
    3. Collect, collate, and compile all the documents (in order)
    4. Staple it together
    5. Deliver the work order
    6. Repeat

    Depending on where and how many additional documents are in the work orders, this process can take a very long time and can be extremely tedious.

    As an added challenge, if any updates are made while the Maintenance Planner is printing the information, the updates might be missed.

    This You? … Do You Wish It Was Different?

    How can you make sure you get all the information your technicians need? We’ve got the answer – Automate it!

    Our applications take the manual tasks of searching, printing, collating, and make it as easy as clicking ONE key. For example, our plant maintenance application allows the Maintenance Planner to select what documents and supporting information they want in their work orders. Then, by clicking one button in SAP, they can send it all to the right place! All forms like the PICK LIST, TIME TICKET, OPERATIONAL CONTROL TICKET, etc., and every document linked from Material to Component to Equipment to Functional Location all go in one complete document package.

    In addition to getting all the information you need, we can also organize it in a way that makes sense: an automatically generated table of contents with the package of forms and documents can make your work orders easier to sort. Distribution of your work orders can also be brought to the digital world! Deliver them via email, SharePoint, web portal, and more!

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