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Life Sciences Manufacturing: How to Avoid Production Delays

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    Equipment manufacturers for medical and science industries face evolving challenges in maintaining the complex modern machines that help build our world’s life science-related instruments.

    Creating state-of-the-art devices for medical and science lab procedures often requires the utilization of powerful manufacturing equipment. With preventative and emergency maintenance on manufacturing an important part of keeping the production line operating, accurate work must be performed consistently and on time without error or delay.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance: What is it?

    Preventative maintenance is the term given to the routine maintenance of equipment and assets to keep them running at their optimal level. When performed consistently, preventative maintenance is key to avoiding unplanned downtime from sudden equipment failure.

    How to ensure your predictive maintenance runs smoothly …

    Scheduling a technician to work on a major piece of manufacturing equipment is just one aspect of a multitude of operations that need to be performed when servicing the production line. Often the tech needs to know what they’re working on, where it’s located, how to properly tag for lock-out, what components need to be repaired or replenished, and much more.

    With a foundation of the proper documents and information stored in an ERP system like SAP and supporting data for the correct maintenance of equipment, the maintenance planner can schedule people and resources throughout the year to keep the plant running in top shape.

    Adding on an intelligent delivery solution such as SEAL Systems SAP Plant Maintenance distribution, the planner needs only to define and schedule the work. Documents and information about the workflows automatically, with complete package information, on time and to the right destination each and every time.

    Emergency Notifications

    Emergency Notifications: Why are they important?

    When a maintenance technician finds themselves at a functional location and spots a problem or need to service on either the equipment they are working on, or a neighboring unit, they can create a notification in the SAP PM module. These notifications often contain a brief description of the equipment, the fault or problem discovered, and a picture of the concern. Planners then process notifications into future maintenance orders based on the severity of the issue.

    How to make sure your emergency notifications are always included …

    Again, this cycles the maintenance order into a scheduled release state, which can then be processed for output with SEAL Systems applications as a completed work package including all forms, descriptions, pictures, relevant docu­mentation and drawings, and finally delivered out to the maintenance workforce.

    Stop Wasting Time – Improve Reliability & Confidence in Your Key Maintenance Processes!

    Check out the below to learn more about how we can reduce wasted time in planning and execution, improve reliability and confidence in the maintenance process, and give your workforce the tools and information they need to succeed in their primary goal: Keep manufacturing running!

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