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What Sets Us Apart: Modular, Scalable, Easy Implementation

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    We believe in providing applications for our customers that help them with their daily work and make the transition to modern solutions as seamlessly as possible. Our applications are easy to implement because they provide the following key benefits:

    1. Modular architecture
    2. Scalability
    3. Out-of-the-box functionality
    4. Little to no user training

    How can modular, scalable, out-of-the-box, and easy-to-use applications transform your business process? Read on to find out!

    Benefit 1: Modular – Get the Perfect Solution

    Our solutions are modular. All our applications work well together and can be used as building blocks. That way, you never have to purchase an application that you will not use. How? Our team works with you to develop a clear scope around your business challenges and objectives. Then, we configure a solution based on what we have gathered.

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    Benefit 2: Scalable – Grow with Our Solutions

    Once you have one or both of our core platforms – Output Management Engine or Corporate Conversion Server – you can easily expand from one business process to many other processes. For example, using our Output Management Engine, you can automate your SAP plant maintenance work orders and your production, manufacturing, sales, and purchasing as well. So, instead of just automating one business process, you can automate them all!

    Our applications also make it possible to easily add additional servers for different regions or just add more servers to your location to further support scalability. We grow with you and provide solutions for your processes worldwide!

    Benefit 3: Out-of-the-Box – Field-Tested Applications

    SEAL Systems can boast a faster implementation because our applications have already been developed and field-tested. This means that when we are implementing one of our applications, we are generally in the realm of weeks – not months. So, with our applications, you can get your solution up and running faster!

    Benefit 4: User Training – Interface Stays the Same

    A new interface can take a person weeks to learn, but it can also cost a company additional time and money to train all employees to learn a new application. According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD)’s annual industry report, the average cost organizations spend on learning is $1,308 per employee. Therefore, the cost of new software can sometimes be more than anticipated because of its associated learning costs. However, that is not a problem with SEAL Systems. Our applications run in the background, so the interface for the user is the same comfortable screens as before. Therefore, user training is not needed after our applications have been implemented, and onboarding is virtually non-existent.

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