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Digital Production: Energize Your Workflow For 2021

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    A digital production solution can increase capacity, reduce bottlenecks, provide real-time feedback, secure files, supercharge workflows, and ensure regulatory compliance. Learn more about how this solution can transform your production processes below.

    Increase Capacity

    Production capacity for a manufacturing company is vital for meeting customer expectations and running at an optimal level. A digital production solution can increase production capacity by making it more efficient by ensuring that the operators are always looking at the most accurate information.

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    Reduce Bottlenecks

    With a digital production solution, automated status reports are possible. This means that a notification can be shared the moment an order falls behind. Therefore, production backlogs can be avoided because notifications trigger additional actions that are needed to reduce delays quickly.

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    Real-Time Feedback

    The digital collection of data is incredibly helpful for manufacturers. By digitally capturing production data, important information can be collected in real-time: quantity produced at each workstation, scrapped materials, and notes from the shop floor. As an added benefit, this seamless accumulation of information makes it easier for the planning and execution group to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the factory.

    Secure Files

    Highly sensitive proprietary designs that manufacturing plants use to build products can be made more secure and reliable when used in their digital forms. This is because paper is more prone to being misplaced or lost when compared to documents stored digitally. Also, with paperless data collection, the production process can move smoothly since all documents can easily be found.

    Supercharge Workflows

    When data collection is teamed up with digital file enablement and touch-screen kiosks, the production process becomes easy and transparent – to everyone. For example, by collecting data digitally on machines in the factory, workers can see their current production jobs and report completion totals in real-time. Therefore, everyone can benefit from paperless data collection technology.

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    Stay Compliant

    Manufacturers are the most affected by federal rules and regulations. According to Plastics Today, manufacturers pay an average of $19.56 per worker per year to abide by federal laws. With a workforce of hundreds or thousands, this can create significant costs! Therefore, finding solutions that help manufacturers achieve automated regulatory compliance can be invaluable. A paperless solution can help with this. For example, when data collection is completed digitally, all steps become traceable, and document security is enhanced with digital devices.

    Benefit from a Real-Time Digital Data Collection Solution

    SEAL Systems solution – Paperless Production – automates the production process and reduces the risk of human errors. It also makes it possible for production teams to receive all information related to an order on their desktop and mobile devices. This enhances the production process because it makes it possible for the information to be exchanged in a touchless manner – and for changes in demand or supplies to be pulled through quickly.

    To learn more about how Paperless Production can benefit you, check out the video below.

    Additional Benefits of Digital Production

    These are some of the ways companies can benefit by moving to Paperless Production:

    • 30% increase in productivity (AIIM market survey)
    • Minimizes contact between workers
    • Lower costs
    • Documents completed on time
    • High data quality
    • Shorter process times
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Digital signatures ensure document integrity