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Global Plants & Remote Locations: How to Control Your Information Distribution

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    Recently, a large food producer asked SEAL Systems to help them solve a challenge they were facing: the company needed better control of their document printing and information distribution to global plants and remote locations.

    Under the company’s current distribution process, they experience loss of time, money, and paper documents. The corporate headquarters knew that they must get their output under control and change their current process.

    Project Requirements

    The company’s corporate headquarters needs to control output to enterprise printers at all locations by requiring badge identity or a key pin code at the device to pick up the document. The implementation of a badge or pin code not only provides security to ensure that the right person is picking up the printed document but also saves paper, time, and maintenance on devices. For example, according to a Citigroup study, if each employee saved one sheet of paper per week, a company could save $700,000.

    In addition to the badge or pin code, the company also wants to control output at a location. For example, even when there may be only one or two devices at a remote location, the output to the destination device has to be controlled. This control ensures the delivery of accurate, timely, and complete maintenance orders with their attachments.

    Finally, the company prefers all these processes to be managed and controlled from a central data center worldwide.

    Badge/Key Pin Security

    To meet the project’s first requirement, SEAL Systems knew that its Secure & Pickup Printing would provide the security that the company was looking for.

    Secure & Pickup Printing from SEAL Systems enhances the printing process by making it more streamlined and secure as the output job waits in a queue until the employee is ready to print. When the employee is ready to, they walk up to any printer with their mobile device, badge or, key pin code. At the printer, the employee uses their mobile device as a security card to access and print their queued output. Also, by using Secure & Pickup Printing, the employee can choose to omit documents in their queue that are no longer needed – saving paper and ink.

    Complete Maintenance Orders

    Maintenance orders are crucial to successful plant maintenance. Therefore, making sure that all maintenance orders are accurate, timely, and complete can be a daunting task, especially when each document attachment must be printed out manually. To help with the output of maintenance orders, SEAL Systems can condense the collection of work order packages into one single step. One click creates the complete output of all the corresponding documents for the maintenance order, in the right order and with the right information. To learn more about how plant maintenance order delivery can be automated, click here.

    Global Device Management

    For the last and overall requirement for the project, a central data center worldwide, SEAL Systems can solve this challenge by making it possible to:

    • Push/pull output and print device information with driver configuration from/to SAP, Windows, and more
    • Assign administrators to handle the configuration of all devices globally, regionally, or individual device groups.

    SEAL Systems also aids with the control of company data with the Output Control Center to allow administrators the ability to solve output and device errors quickly.

    Conclusion: One Application Platform to Rule Them All

    In the end, SEAL Systems provides exactly what the company, and other companies, are looking for: one information distribution platform for all company output.

    The SEAL Systems’ Information Distribution Platform can control the complete output of all information, reduce paper waste and printer management, and automate the delivery of internal work orders to thousands of devices at hundreds of sites, all controlled from a single platform.

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