Increasing the Security of Workplace Printers and Multifunction Printers

by André Schnibbe

As software provider for the manufacturer-independent output management solution “PLOSSYS®” SEAL Systems always deals with security issues in the context of printing and electronic distribution. In this context, we work together with various IT committees and interest groups to contribute to standards and guidelines.

We and our customers pay particular attention to ensuring that end-to-end encryption is maintained from the application to the printer and that only authorized persons have access to the generated output. SEAL Systems encrypts the print data stream up to the printer and recommends to its customers a “Secure- or Pull-Printing” solution of a printer manufacturer or a manufacturer-independent variant to ensure the authentication at the printer. This ensures that printouts do not lie around and fall into the wrong hands.

Protected secure printing

As a basis for the “security of printing systems”, employees should be provided with a selfservice system so that they can simply install approved printers instead of unprotected printers. Only printers approved for this group of persons (e.g. in the Human Ressource department, personnel department or controlling) may be linked and used. This means that security begins with the design of the system landscape and the use of AD or ADFS data. Asset management and downstream printer fleet management can also prevent or complicate the emergence of shadow IT.

Cover-Secure-Pickup-Printing-211x300 Increasing the Security of Workplace Printers and Multifunction Printers

By considering security measures from our guidelines and a holistic output management architecture, the security regulations are also taken into account. For example, no personal data may be easily accessible. SEAL will also deal intensively with the topic of data protection basic regulation in the next months and provide you with further recommendations for action.

Find out more about “Secure & Pickup Printing” on these security topics in the current BITKOM guide and our white paper. Please also note these points of your next printer tender by a leaseholder or printer supplier.


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