What Is SAP Plant Maintenance & Why Is It Important?

by Debra Garls

SAP Plant Maintenance:

What Is It and Why You Need It

Every plant operator and manager should take plant maintenance seriously to avoid unexpected down time, lost production and increased operational costs. Successful plant maintenance requires a regimen that ensures efficient and effective plant equipment optimization. SAP Plant Maintenance helps with this – and can assist with so much more.

Reasons for Plant Maintenance

There are three main reasons to perform plant maintenance:

Inspection: Identify the actual condition

The inspection is previously scheduled and establishes the actual condition of the system or equipment.

Repair: Restore to the optimal state

Repairs needed to the equipment after it was not able to perform its normal function. Once the machinery breaks down, the production department submits a request to the maintenance department to repair the equipment. The maintenance department investigates and makes the necessary repairs.

Preventative: Maintain current condition

Planned maintenance is scheduled to minimize the problems of breakdown maintenance. The process is used to locate weak spots in all equipment and provides regular inspection with minor repairs.

Plant Maintenance Objectives

Plant maintenance ensures that all machines are kept in optimal condition – without interruption. Continual support also makes sure that a plant’s equipment is always ready for use by minimizing unanticipated production interruptions from an undiscovered state.

The cost of a significant breakdown in your plant can be staggering. Therefore, plant maintenance helps avoid equipment breakdown and the loss of productivity.

Even more importantly, proper plant maintenance ensures safety to all work personnel.

SAP Plant Maintenance: A Definition

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) is a component of the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that provides businesses with support on maintaining equipment and systems.

SAP Plant Maintenance Activities

SAP Plant Maintenance helps manage inspections, repairs and preventive activities. The plant maintenance SAP module can also record problems in SAP, plan material activities and labor and record the cost. Also, if desired, SAP Plant Maintenance can control automatic repairs and maintenance requests.

Why You Should Integrate Your SAP Modules

SAP has many applications that can be adapted to meet the needs of different businesses. Companies that decide not to integrate their SAP systems are missing out on the powerful ERP system that SAP provides. For example, when combined with other SAP modules, the modules are used to keep the data current.

The SAP Plant Maintenance module can integrate with other SAP ERP Central Components such as Materials Management (MM), Quality Management (QM), Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), Finance (FI), Controlling (CO) and Human Resources (HR).

When integrated, the work order notification process can be executed under Plant Maintenance. The following figure shows how this process is completed.

SAP-PM-Image-1 What Is SAP Plant Maintenance & Why Is It Important?

Plant Maintenance Orders Printing: Create Work Documents with One Click

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The complete output of the work documents is compiled together in the right order – and makes your life easier.

Output-Management-1024x670 What Is SAP Plant Maintenance & Why Is It Important?

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