How Manufacturing Companies Drive Growth in a Digital World

by Debra Garls

Manufacturing companies are driving growth by implementing digital manufacturing solutions. Read the below blog to learn how you can drive growth with these digital innovations as well.

Factory-300x298 How Manufacturing Companies Drive Growth in a Digital World

What is Digital Manufacturing?

Digital manufacturing is the term given to the integrated approach to manufacturing that is centered around a computer system. It eliminates the many errors associated with paper processes and makes it possible to achieve higher productivity and process efficiency.

Is Digital Manufacturing for You?

Companies that can benefit from a digital manufacturing solution have the below in common:

  • Have production orders that require attachments like instructions, drawings, photos, specification lists, and bills of materials
  • Want the ability to update information quickly and easily
  • Need to collect scrap information, build quantities, and notes directly from the plant floor
  • Want to support workers by providing them with 3D animations (SAP Visual Enterprise) of production processes
  • Need to give access to only the required information for a specific operation but restrict access to other items in the document package

Blog-Image-1-300x104 How Manufacturing Companies Drive Growth in a Digital World

The Digital Factory: How Do You Compare to Your Competitors?

Going digital is one of the biggest trends today. With the lure of higher efficiency, productivity, and cost savings, it is not surprising that more manufacturing companies are implementing a digital solution.

To see how you compare to your competitors, below are some statistics about manufacturing digital solutions:

  • 91% of industrial companies are investing in digital factories
  • 3 out of 4 manufacturing companies set up digital factories to react to customer preferences more quickly
  • 86% of operations decision-makers believe digital industrial transformation is critical for growth and competitiveness
  • $92 billion is the economic potential for digital twins in the manufacturing industry (by 2025)
  • 90% of top management believe that digitization offers their companies more opportunities than risks

The Future of Production Is Paperless

Paperless Production reduces the risk of errors by automating the production process. Therefore, global or regional plants can be automated, so that production teams receive all order-related information on their desktop or mobile devices. To learn more, watch the video below:


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