New Converter Turns EML Format into Long-term Format

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

SEAL Systems now has a converter which, as part of a corporate conversion server (DPF4Convert), automatically converts e-mails delivered in EML format into a neutral format, for example PDF/A.

Many customers have been using an appropriate converter for Microsoft MSG format for the past several years. EML is an e-mail format based on Internet Standard RFC822 from 1992, but is still widely used. However, EML presently stands for the storage format of Lotus Notes for individual e-mails.

screenshot_EML1-300x171 New Converter Turns EML Format into Long-term FormatA conversion solution like this is important for all businesses which want to do e-mail archiving on the basis of a file format suitable for long-term storage. The automated workflow in DPF technology (a basic technology of SEAL Systems) converts the mail body to PDF over an interim format. Meta data from the mail header is imprinted on the PDF of the mail body beforehand.

Any attachments will be extracted from the mail and can be fed separately over a transfer directory to further processing. Within DPF the conversion of the attachments can be connected in PDF (along with other application format like MS or Open Office) File containers are also extracted in advance. The DPF records the structure of nested attachments into an XML file.

The overall result, consisting of the PDF of the body, the PDF of the attachment and XML with the structure information, can be given over to subsequent processing or archiving as a file list, but also as structured PDF/A-3 with the original attachments as content files.

The transfer of conversion jobs with EML files to DPF can be carried out, for example, by a web service or through integration directly in the mail server over the company’s own DPF mail service. A web service can also be used for the return of results.

Customers who use a corporate conversion server with EML processing get an automatic, low-maintenance solution to long-term e-mail archiving.screenshot_EML2-300x170 New Converter Turns EML Format into Long-term Format

What is a corporate conversion server?

A CCS is an efficient conversion engine which answers and automates all demands  for data conversion company-wide. Flexible interfaces allow any file generating and administrating system to use this engine through its own integration methods. Numerous additional features round out its scope of performance.


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