Integrated solutions for document processing in PLM systems (part 5 of 5)

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

With Document Output Center and Document Distribution Platform for Teamcenter from Siemens PLM SEAL Systems offers integrated, modular solutions for the preparation and use of documents, metadata and structures within the PLM system. Extensive lists of documents can be automated, converted, stamped, printed or electronically distributed, which means a customized fit for organizational processes. Extensive lists of documents can be automated, converted, stamped, printed or electronically distributed, which means a customized fit for organizational processes. How this could be done we will explain in this five-part series in our blog.

Part 5 of 5: Publishing, Manuals, Documentation

For the automated creation of complete documentation for manuals, tenders, and product documentation from individual texts, as well as the collation of documents delivered by third parties, SEAL Systems provides a configurable publishing solution.  This solution contains a wide range of functions and processes for the creation of finalized documents.

The process-oriented architecture of DPF4P Publish enables the proper collation of all different parts of documents from various sources.  This implies that tables of contents, page numbers and other background information will be newly generated and that the target documentation will automatically contain a unique and professional appearance.  Typical publishing formats are PDF-based structures for digital distribution and they are stored as complete files.  The alternative is an automated split of print directories. When this happens, indices for the directories and spine labels are created.

The DOC4TC  has an interface to DPF4Publish and, therefore, can be connected to this kind of complex mechanism by way of the PLM System.

Using Data from the PLM Solution Throughout the Corporation

Complex PLM Systems such as Teamcenter are no longer only used as CAD admin systems.  Now, they often contain comprehensive information about products and processes related to the core competencies of the company.  In order to make these more usable and interchangeable outside of the systems, SEAL Systems has created its own integration algorithms.

The “Document Output Center”, with its rule-based, configurable scanning process, can be combined with the extraction of data sets, attributes and structures, to make additional handling on external processing modules possible. The modular structure means that people can learn the standard services after only having been provided with a quick introduction.  As the quantity of data and documents grows, the process requirements will also grow, so that additional, state-of-the-art distribution and publishing services can be introduced in a step-by-step fashion.

By integrating these tools into the Teamcenter workflow, the conversion and distribution tasks can be completely automated.  The logs and the monitoring provide process compliance and traceability throughout the entire product life cycle.

The number of users who are familiar with the system is growing, primarily because the documentation is provided in such a form that it is not only available to R&D employees, but also to those who work in the areas of procurement, manufacturing, maintenance or sales, depending on the business processes involved.



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