Direct Publishing: Create Technical Documentation Automatically

by Debra Garls

Direct Publishing With

Document Automation Software


The process of technical documentation can be a time-consuming project, but with SEAL Systems’ Direct Publishing with Document Automation Software, this can be completed with one-click of your mouse.

The assembling of diagrams and data can take a lot of time. And, the task of compiling the thousands of pages can be susceptible to human error – Both are no longer a problem with SEAL Systems’ document automation software.

SEAL Systems’ Direct Publishing software fully automates the pulling together of the required documents, diagrams and data. Even more so, our software retrieves the information from different archives and storage systems. And, it checks to make sure all materials are up-to-date.

SEAL Systems’ Document Automation Software Helps With Much More

SEAL Systems’ Direct Publishing software also fully automates the…

  • Conversion of data formats into a uniform format (PDF or PDF/A)
  • Creation of tables of contents
  • Templates for title pages
  • Insertion of page numbers and watermarks/logos
  • Navigation elements
  • And, more!

How SEAL Systems’ Technology Works

The technological base of the Direct Publishing solution is the Digital Process Factory® (DPF).

What is the Digital Process Factory® (DPF)?

It is a development and runtime environment where the drafting and control of processes takes place. The processes that are controlled within the DPF environment are: processing of information, data, files and documents.

In addition, the DPF also creates individual processing steps for data acquisition, conversion, stamping, feedback and restoring.

How does DPF help with Direct Publishing?

With the Digital Process Factory, single function and process modules are task-specific. Therefore, with DPF, the tasks can be combined and configured. To help with quick implementation, there are pre-defined and configured scenarios – which is helpful because there are more than 200 function modules available for conversion and processing of incomplete and complete documents.

Also, with the DPF Tracker, the whole process workflow can be controlled and supervised.


If our company already has a content management system, do we need SEAL Systems after all?

Several parts of the documentation are standard texts which are compiled separately. This means that some documents and files must be provided in the original format: digitally signed certificates and machine control systems. A content management system is not designed for such tasks.

SEAL Systems’ final documentation can include all these documents because our document automation software can pull from a variety of different sources.

Why can’t we outsource the collation of the documentation?

The collation of a comprehensive set of system documentation is generally laborious, time consuming work which is susceptible to human error. Despite the partly monotonous nature of this work, to be done correctly, it must be done by highly qualified staff.

Therefore, our document automation software is a better approach for these processes. With Direct Printing, the production of the documentation can be completed quickly and can be created at the last minute – when all the partial documents are available in the correct version and have been approved.

What if our customers are used to how our end customer documentation looks? Can Direct Publishing make it look the same?

Our Direct Publishing uses a variety of previously prepared processing steps which can be parametrized individually for a specific project.

If the documentation is to be presented in digital form, then we can create a structured PDF with navigable tables of contents and bookmarks. And unchangeable certificates or machine control systems can be enclosed with the digital edition. The subsequent production of the DVD can also be carried out automatically.

We don’t have all the information in the form of part documents. Images, texts and figures have to be prepared in advance to be included. What can we do?

You can forward this data to us or we will actively obtain it for you. An integrated report generator ensures the perfecting of the required layout. This creates files which can then be added to the overall compilation.

Stop wasting so many working hours on technical documentation – add SEAL Systems’ Direct Publishing to your company’s software arsenal. Interested? Contact Debra (email, LinkedIn).

Want to learn more about our Direct Publishing with Document Automation Software?

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