Make 2021 Your Digital Year: Achieve Scalable Streamlined Processes & Evolve Production Work

by Catherine O'Toole

Digital solutions provide many benefits like scalability, enhanced automation, security, digital production, and many more. This blog shows how digital solutions can be advantageous in 2021 and provide resiliency in uncertain times.

Achieve Scalability & Eliminate Network Cables: Cloud Solutions

With more than $1.3 Trillion in IT spending expected to be affected by the shift to the cloud by 2022 (source: Gartner), 2021 will be a year where cloud solutions will continue to grow. The large shift to the cloud is understandable when the benefits are considered. For example, cloud solutions provide an advantage that would be expensive and labor-intensive otherwise – the ability to scale resources up or down with minimum effort.

Another benefit to enterprise cloud solutions is that the need for network cables to printers is eliminated. For example, cloud printing enables site to site delivery of key documents and information and gives administrators complete control from anywhere to set up print drivers and devices. The solution also enables all devices to be available over decentralized networks.

Finally, when talking about the benefits of the cloud, we should not forget one of the more important benefits of enterprise cloud solutions – security. In most cases, the cloud is more secure than on-premise data centers (source: Insight). Cloud solutions carry a variety of security options like application role-based authentication, roaming profiles, multi-factor login, and more that lead companies to choose the cloud over a physical option. For additional security, SEAL Systems also provides end-to-end encryption.

Streamline Business Processes: Electronic Data Distribution

It is no surprise that digital solutions ruled last year. But what might come as a surprise is how much 2020 transformed the business world. According to executives polled by McKinsey, companies accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions of their internal operation by three to four years during 2020. Did you experience something similar? Let us know!

The world has become more digital, and that is a good thing. For instance, did you know that 7.5% of all paper documents get lost? (Source: AIIM). With digital solutions, that is no longer the case because there is no paper to be misplaced – especially with electronic data distribution. Electronic data distribution can simplify the document and information workflow by connecting to SAP and Windows systems. Also, with SEAL Systems’ ability to automate and create a reliable collection of necessary documents, errors are eliminated in PDF/Document/Publishing generation. Therefore, making it simple to share data easily across the company.

Evolve Production Work: The Digital Factory

While 60% of manufacturers are experiencing disruptions to their operations (source: Manufacturing Global), digital transformation solutions are expected to rise even more in the manufacturing sector, especially as more companies embrace 4.0 technology to become more resilient. Therefore, when questions about access to physical space, the proximity of employees, centralized factories worldwide are asked – the digital factory provides an answer.

For example, a digital production solution can increase capacity by making the process more efficient, provide real-time feedback with the plant floor data collection, share automated status reports, and minimize the contact between employees. SEAL Systems’ Paperless Production solution does all of this and more. If you would like to learn about this solution, click here.

Gain Additional Benefits: Digital Solutions

Digital solutions create a connection company-wide. With our applications, you can streamline your workload, have information at your fingertips, secure the exchange of data from any location, and more!

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