SAP-Centric EAM Conference: Wrap Up

by Catherine O'Toole

Insights from the 2019 SAP-Centric EAM Conference


From March 18 – 20, I attended the SAP-Centric EAM Conference in San Antonio with our Project Engineer, Steve Blesch. The conference took place at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort which provided the perfect setting to introduce new companies to SEAL Systems, and to meet with current clients.

SAP-Centric EAM is an excellent conference to attend because it showcases cutting-edge technologies for enterprise asset management and SAP maintenance orders. Here are some highlights from the event along with information on SEAL Systems’ innovative solutions.

The Winners Circle

SEAL Systems raffled off prizes throughout the SAP-Centric EAM conference. It was so much fun to give out our raffle prizes:

  • SEAL Systems Yeti Tumblers (6)
  • Yeti Roadie Cooler

Check out our social media posts here and here to see who won.

Although not everyone was able to win one of the Yeti Tumblers or the Yeti Roadie Cooler, every person who stopped by our booth received one of our famous rocket pens.

Rocket-Pens-300x83 SAP-Centric EAM Conference: Wrap Up

Top Themes from the EAM Conference

The Rise of the Machines

I noticed a consistent theme throughout the many presentations at the SAP-Centric EAM event – artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise.

Companies from startups to enterprises have started using AI and machine learning to find solutions to real business problems: enterprise asset management, procurement, contract management and supply chain management.

The Statistics

Artificial intelligence’s market growth is expected to grow 154% in 2019.

The Future Is Mobile

According to one of the event presenters from Loudoun Water, their company adopted a mobile solution to improve productivity, accuracy and user experience in their warehouses.

The inventory team was processing 27,000 transactions per year – manually. This was inefficient, caused duplication of effort and offered limited transparency. The ability to scan barcodes solved this issue and made the company processes more efficient.

The Statistics

Loudoun Water experienced a 30% increase in process time by implementing a mobile solution.


SEAL Systems Mobile & Barcode Solution

SEAL Systems’ mobile app offers maintenance service technicians easy access to their SAP maintenance orders, including required documentation, and pulls additional information from other maintenance Generic Object Services (GOS).

Data entry is easy with a barcode scan or can be directly input by the technicians. By using the SEAL Systems app, technicians can scan a barcode and retrieve up-to-date information on equipment from the SAP system for display on a mobile device.

What does the app do?

When a maintenance service technician uses the SEAL Systems app, they can:

  • Prepare and sort all necessary data for a SAP maintenance order
  • Retrieve the actual information from the SAP system on other company equipment
  • Enter a new report with attachments (GPS data and photos)
  • Transfer the report with additional data to the SAP system
  • Retrieve and display all information that is linked to the equipment, e.g., drawings, documentation or metadata


Final Thoughts

I might have gained five pounds from the many snacks I had at SAP-Centric EAM (popcorn, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies as big as my palm), but I also walked away with knowledge I did not have going in. When I talked with others at the event, each person agreed that the conference was extremely informative and said they were glad they had attended.


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